Vanother Vearless Veeshir Vrediction

Posted: April 29, 2011 by veeshir in Fun with Elections, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, GOP Win!, Op/Sped

Trump! isn’t running. There, I said it.

Ace has a long post about Trump! getting his eddiebear on. I should probably read it before I comment, but I’m not commenting on Ace’s post, just linking cuz he made me finally do this post. I’ve been thinking this for a week or so.

Trump! “will look” into running right up until he has to fill out the financial forms detailing his income, holdings, investments and misc (and his misc folder is probably huge).

There’s now way in hell Trump! is going to do that. No way at all.

Especially since he has to know that there are going to be lots of people poring over it trying to figure out some way to keep him out of the White House or send him to the Big House.

Not just political, but economic rivals. People who can actually read economic type stuff, people who want what Trump! has or are pissed off about no longer owning what Trump! now owns and want it back.When you’re documenting what, $billions?, you know there’s some shady stuff in there or stuff you have to leave out. And then he’s lied on his forms and he’s out anyway. A Dem can lie… make a mistake on that, a Republican can’t.

Trump! is a huckster, this is a beautiful freaking way to huck. So maybe Krauthammer is right, Trump! is the GOP Sharpton. But not for anything except that they both find running for president to be a lucrative endeavor.


On the final episode of the popular TV reality show, Trump (sic) “plans to give an announcement date” for his decision on whether he’ll make a formal bid for the Republican presidential nomination, senior Trump(sic) adviser Michael Cohen confirms to CNN.

An announcement date. In other words, he’s going to get as many people to tune is as possible so he can tell them he’s going to decide by some other date. I wonder if his “final decision” will be announced on the season premiere of his next reality show.

Trump! is all about Teh Trump! and when push comes to financial statement, he’s out. I call it the Howard Stern Excuse. Stern suddenly found himself in the position of leading the NY governor’s race. He went in as a total joke and had to figure out how to drop out without admitting it was all a bit.

I do think he’s a plus for this race. He’s sucking up all the air so Minitrue isn’t viciously attacking anybody else, they’re all distracted by Trump!.

When was the last time the Wash Post told us how stupid Palin is? Weeks. Hell, the last time Palin was in the room most people were on her side against Wonkette.

At this point I’m mostly wondering what hook he’s going to use to tie a presidential race into his next reality show.

Apcray, misspelled “Vearless”.

  1. alexthechick says:

    When I saw that my first thought was what anti-China position is he holding because it has to be something. Yeah I agree there’s no way he’ll fill out those disclosure forms not to mention putting everything into a blind trust.

    • Veeshir says:

      I forgot about the blind trust.
      That’s a deal killer even more than just the disclosure stuff.
      He has to have enough stock in some stuff so that would cause chaos.

  2. aliceaitch says:

    If Obama didn’t have to provide his birth certificate to get elected, why does Trump have to provide his financial statements?

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