Dear Leftist Douchebag College Students

Posted: April 30, 2011 by Edward von Bear in FAIL, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism

Fuck you. Fuck your inflated self importance with the flaming fuckfist of reality in your hipster face. Fuck you for demanding that people such as me who fucking work for a living pay your way, while you fucking refuse to do anything about it. And fuck you because I can’t fucking stand seeing 19-year-olds who have never had to do anything more daunting than roll out of bed and ask Mom and Dad for an advance on their trust fund for the month demand we do more so that they can continue to play hackey sack and engage in vandalism and sit-ins while other folks their same age are fighting to preserve their douchebaggery.

Fuck you. Grow up. Realize you will have to do your part as well. And quit demanding we do it for you.

  1. Nicole says:

    What kills me the most isn’t that they aren’t interested or don’t know about the debt – fiscal stuff is tedious and boring. Hell, most people under 65 don’t give a rip about it. We can see that with the polls saying “Reduce the debt but don’t touch anything I benefit from.”

    What kills me the most about this is the “I don’t have any debt,” “It’s not my debt,” “I didn’t run up this debt” attitude. Um… yes, you did. Simply by living in the US you benefit (or are supposed to benefit from in the future) in some way from a program run by the government that increases the debt.

  2. Sean M. says:

    Ah, the old Alma Mater. Looks like not much has changed.


  3. davisbr says:

    Bunch of people, by the time they reach some age of life or other, they’ve had the sh!t kicked out of ’em by some event (or multiple events) or other.

    Could be any of lots of things (livin’ on your own to divorce to a loved-one’s death to war to what-the-fuck-ever …doesn’t have to be a big deal to anyone but you …but to you it’s gonna a “big effin’ deal”). Don’t matter what ’twas in a bunch of ways. Just life is gonna serve you somethin’ up that is gonna matter – mostly lots – to you.

    And. That gives you perspective …and “perspective” is important (and mostly inevitable) in bunches of ways. And how you react to those events determines in great measure how you see life and how life (and the people in that life) see you.

    And why someone thinks that the opinion of these little, smart-assed punks matters, is beyond me. They know nothin’. They’ve done nothin’. They matter not a whit. And their words even less.

    They’re stupid. No. Scratch that. They’re stoopid …ignorant …uninformed. Balls-less. Useless. And their opinions less than that.

    Really, what they need …and dear gawd, they are going to recieve (because that’s what Life does …is a major ass-whupping.

    And then, after that (and only after that), they might have somethin’ to say worth listenin’ to.

    ‘Til then …meh.

    …uh, should I have watched that before commenting? Hmm. Nah: that there is crazy talk.

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