That which cannot be said

Posted: May 30, 2011 by Sean M. in FAIL, It's Science!, Jitardis, Lame

The State Department is apparently doing a thing about “celebrating a millennium of science and innovation in the Muslim world“. Okay.

Here’s part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks on that celebration:

This exhibition honors the remarkable accomplishments of Muslims throughout history: from a woman who founded a university in the 9th century – to a 13th century inventor and mechanical engineer – to a surgeon whose writings influenced European medicine for hundreds of years.

Aaaaaand, that’s where it ends. A few centuries ago. Yeah, well, thanks for that stuff.

(Would it be RAAAAACIST! or Islamophobic for me to mention the great strides–as Jim Treacher would say–“Not All Muslims” have made in bomb-making technology?)


  1. cobbfan221 says:

    heh…the Queens Hall of Science had this on disply the last time I was there a few weeks ago… They had a big section of Jewish contributions as well as Arab and Muslim contributions – even some Northern African and Asian (mostly Indian)… I thought it was odd that to make up the 1001 inventions – there was a big architectural secion and it was pretty much exclusive to Muslim and Northern African architecture with no mention of any place else (like India, China or Japan). It was “divirsified” as long as it took place in an Arab or Muslim region. It woudn’t surprise me if Hillary has some input into the display…

    It was a big (it look up a whole area that they use for other dispays – they usually have 2 or 3 things going at the same time in that area)…and they did manage to add a Jewish section (I’m sure it has something to do with the very large Jewish population for that area as well as a lot of people that go there are Orthodox or Hasidic Jews) but I’m sure that won’t be travelling everywhere the display goes…

  2. Douglas says:

    “rom a woman who founded a university in the 9th century”

    I might be a bit more appreciative of that, if they didn’t burn Alexandria, which until it’s time was still the most significant center of study and learning. Thanks for destroying a millenium of archives great and thoughtful muslims.

  3. tangonine says:

    Is this before or after the State Dept celebrates its treasonous actions and support of communism over the last 70 years? I so forgot to mark it on my John Stewart Service Pinup calender. The Jan 45 pic is epic.

  4. tangonine says:

    in all honestly, they have led the way in IEDs. Clever little fuckholes.

  5. tangonine says:

    …oh and machetes. Nothing like a rabid band of half-starved, witless, illiterate muslims whipped into a frenzy by an African imam and armed with machetes to get your blood racing.

  6. jp says:

    The “university” was not a university, but a mosque. It later became a madrasa for studying Islam. It did not become a university until 1947.

    I guess poor Hillary doesn’t have access to wiki.

    The greatest “accomplishments” of Muslims are almost all lies. Most from the early Islamic world were really accomplished by subjugated Christians, Jews, etc.

  7. Veeshir says:

    I was going to give them credit for pioneering crashing planes to hurt their enemies, but they just took the Japanese idea to a new, despicable low.
    All the people in the Kamikazes’ planes had decided to die.

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