Wherein Veeshir Commits Heresy

Posted: May 31, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

I’m all fer this. I’m so “for” it I’m actually wondering if I should donate money to the cause.

The fate of the annual July 4 fireworks show at La Jolla Cove was in question Friday after a judge affirmed her previous ruling that the city is bound by state environmental laws when issuing permits for pyrotechnic displays.

They have to spend a brazillion dollars on an “environmental impact” study each and every time. You know they can’t just say, “Here’s our fireworks manifest, they blow up and release some CO2, then some very biodegradable paper floats down and biodegrades“. You know each time they’ll have to study the ecosphere, how the extra-CO2  impacts the darter seal, whether the paper can get stuck in yellow-bellied-mouth bass’ gills and if the “boom” scares big-eared salamnders.

This win will also set a nice precedent so look for various eco-wackos to file a slew of these all across California. If they want maximum disruption, they should file the suits on 4/1 and demand an injunction. By the time the dust settles, it’ll be long after July 4 so no fireworks. The only people who like them are wingnuts and teabaggers anyway.

You Californians crapped all over your bed, now sleep in it and don’t come whining to me.

Idiocy used to be at least painful and often fatal, we’ve created a nation powerful enough so it doesn’t even hurt. Hell, other people’s idiocy is painful to you. If people use your product improperly and hurt themselves, it’s your fault.

The pendulum is finally swinging back.  Extreme stupidity is starting to be painful again as we’ve gone way too far along the “Rights with no responsibilities” route for even 21st century America to overcome.

H/T Martha MacCallum, who is way hotter than Megyn Kelly. As ATC put it in relation to the difference between Shep and Megyn, intelligence is way hotter. Megyn is an OUTRAGE!!!! monger who is only different from Shep in that she’s generally a righty and a lot hotter (I don’t do bi-partisanship).

Martha is the closest to being a journalist since Brit Hume semi-retired. The only reason I can’t be more definite is because I don’t watch her enough.

Megyn’s finest moment was when she was OUTRAGED!!!! about a strip club who wanted the pregnant bartender to take a few months off. You know, right after FoxNews did the same to her and for a few months before they only showed her from the tits up.

I’m not arguing the editorial decision on that, I’m noting how hilarious her OUTRAGE!!! was.

Since the intertubes has a decided lack of Martha’s tits here’s what made puberty so much fun for me.

I’m still not sure if I regret not getting Farrah Fawcett sheets for my bed.

  1. Sockless Joe says:

    The only heresy I see here is the Martha MacCallum vs Megyn Kelly hotness stuff. Waaaay off base there.

  2. Sean M. says:

    You know, I might have a laugh about this if it was some hippy-dippy bullshit up in San Fran, but this is going on in San Diego, which is arguably the most patriotic area of the state. There are a zillion military families down there, and they shouldn’t have to put up with this shit.

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