For Russ

Posted: June 27, 2011 by aliceaitch in Moronosphere, Random Crap

Charles Patrick Adkins is an asshat.  (But most of you knew that already.)

  1. Russ from Winterset says:

    And so it begins……..

  2. And so it continues…

  3. chad98036 says:

    Who is Charles Patrick Adkins and why do I care?

  4. Chad, I tried to post some links, but I guess they got marked as spam. Grrrr

    Anyway, he started a bunch of crap in our AoS HQ facebook group. Posted a link by “She who will not be named” and then called someone an anti-Semite for saying the link was garbage.

  5. He has a history of crazy. DPUD posted about it and so did Ace, back when all this went down the first time in 2009.

  6. pajama momma says:

    Welp, this is the first link to pop up when I googled “Charles Patrick Adkins is an asshat”

    • aliceaitch says:

      What we really need, though, is for “is an asshat” to be one of the first things that pops up whenever someone does a search for Charles Patrick Adkins or Chuck Adkins or Charles Adkins.

  7. pajama momma says:

    I’ll clear my cache and try again. Do you know the head of my I.T. Dept pronounced it “cacky”?

  8. chad98036 says:

    I vaguely remember reading both those links at the time. So what did he do now?

  9. Russ from Winterset says:

    Ace likes to say that nobody thinks of themselves as a “black hat”, and that everyone likes to consider their motives good. I think that maybe Chuckie Pattie thinks of himself as some sort of tortured genius like Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter, when in reality he’s not even at the level of “Multiple Meigs”. Tossing handfulls of man-gravy at passing young ladies is about the only club in this golfer’s bag.

    Well, the trouble with being Multiple Meigs is that eventually the lights go out, and Hannibal Lecter starts whispering to you in the dark. I can’t imagine what the voices in Chuckie’s head say to him when he’s alone in the dark; however, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that Life. Will. Not. End. Well. For. Chuckie. And when the end comes, it won’t be some angry third party breaking into his house to choke a bitch out… will be in a room filled with his own imaginary demons and a bunch of tarnished secondhand Star Wars Action Figures.

  10. chad98036 says:

    it will be in a room filled with his own imaginary demons and a bunch of tarnished secondhand Star Wars Action Figures.

    They aren’t second hand I just didn’t maintain them in mint condition.

  11. tmi3rd says:

    Re: the Star Wars figures, just remember from Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious”…

    GI Joe is swimming on the water… and then a big brown shark comes….

  12. Beth C. says:

    I almost feel like rebuilding my blog just for the purposes of writing CHARLES PATRICK ADKINS IS AN ASSHAT.
    But I’m too lazy.
    Not as lazy as he is, though (unemployed since 2005 “due to the bad economy” rather than his own laziness/unemployability/personality disorders). LOL

  13. Personality Disorders?

    I’m not sure that rhetorical and intellectual shortcomings actually qualify as personality disorders.

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