How did I never hear of this company until now?

Posted: June 29, 2011 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

I want to work for them:

(Yes, I know it’s fake but I just started watching the series on Netflix and I am laughing my butt off)

When Presidents Talk People Get Hurt!

  1. aliceaitch says:

    You don’t read our own blog, do you?

  2. alexthechick says:

    You will be shocked to hear that I worship Veronica.

  3. davisbr says:

    And you bastards have been keeping this from me for how long?!? Tho’ y’all know I have absolutely no idea what goes on in contemporary entertainment.

    I’m just so …disappointed …in y’all.

    …that link is NSFW btw.

    …but it is funny, and on topic, and should probably be made the blog’s Youtube go-to mascot. I’d give it five (out of five) eddiebears.

    • aliceaitch says:

      We’ve been keeping this from you since, oh…2009.

      • davisbr says:

        Do you mean, like, every day in everything in everypost?!? Is that even reasonable? Is that even possible? Are you making excuses?

        And anyways, I, uh, I was busy that day. The dog was sick …from eating my …display. And chickenpox. Almost forgot about that. And the …flat tire …on the way to …to …Albuquerque …for …medicene (for the hamster: and it’s just so sad when you can’t buy stuff locally because of …the California legislature being …such ultimo douche-bags). The wife demanded new brake blocks on her recumbent that day, too. Yeah. Can’t forget that.Damn, that was the day my brother needed help with his …tap-tap-tap …his …well hell, can’t remember. But I know it was that day.

        Did I mention about the dog?

        So. I see someone – hmm???, like who could/should that be ??? – needs to implement a star system for the important posts. One star just to get your attention. Two stars for timely breaking …stuff. Three stars for minion alerts (i.e., anything by alex). Four stars for important crap (like Ted). And five stars for cheesecake. Maybe a mailing alert for that last.

      • chad98036 says:

        Come on 2009 was 2 years ago, and at the time I was doing my stint at Microsoft – I wasn’t watching anything

  4. Not that Greg says:

    That show was AWESOME. I’m so disappointed it was canceled after only two seasons. The scene where Veronica and Ted roll out a non-existent product using only corporate buzzwords is classic.

  5. I used to work for Veridian. We were bought by General Dynamics.

    You do the math for how often this comes up at the office.

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