Now for something really important

Posted: June 29, 2011 by veeshir in Hotassery, Random Crap, The Big Screen

Politics has been annoying/boring/unbelievably stupid lately so I figured it was time for something really important.

Who is the hottest Maid Marian? Updated below, right after the foxy one. No, the foxy redhead. No, the foxy redhead without the cleavage.

Now, there have been too many Maid Marians for me to really feel like looking for pics of actresses from 1912, so we’ll go with the ones I feel like.

First up, the oldest there are any good pics out there

Olivia de Havilland

Classy hot like you don’t see anymore.

Next up, Morgan Fairchild from the TV movie, The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood. Why include her when nobody even knew she was Maid Marian?

Any more questions smarty pants? Next to Farrah, she epitomized big hair hotties, and she had the…uhhh…. assets Farrah lacked.

Next, because she was a Playboy Bunny, we have Misty Rowe

Not too bad, in a trashy, here put this in your mouth until the swelling goes down, kind of way. Plus the show was funny.

Getting into modern time, we have Amy Yasbeck, who likes men in tights and who almost did the most disgusting thing she could think of.

Wait, that’s not right

Mmmmm, Dark Ages cleavage……………

Next we have one foxy broad, Carole Shelley


Had to add a new entry,Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, the Marian with the hardest name to spell correctly, a feat in a group with Olivia de Havillande.

Definitely smoking hot, but she still doesn’t make me change my mind.

Now, back to our regularly, scheduled post.

We’re up to Uma, the Marian who could not speak with a British accent

She looks like a nun in her Maid Marian outfit, pretend this is her after a few mugs of  Friar Tuckman’s sacrificial wine.

Getting to the most recent, we come to one of the worst casting errors since Keanu Reaves played a genius scientist, Cate Blanchett as “Maid” Marian. When that book was written, she was probably thought of as about 13. Cate Blanchett hasn’t looked like a “maid” since she was about 8, but eh, I already downloaded the pic.

Since it’s my post, I’m picking

And the winner is……..

I dig her. She peaked in this movie the way Daryl Hannah peaked in “Splash” and Kim Catrall peaked in “Mannequin”.

(Watch with the sound down, it doesn’t synch (yes, I spelled it “sink” at first, shut up) and it’s not English, but it does have the best Maid Marian scene not in a porn movie).

Next in the series, who’s the creepiest Renfield.

  1. MikeD says:

    You forgot Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio from Kevin Costner’s pathetic swipe at it. But yeah, I liked Amy Yasbeck since wings (and I’m partial to redheads anyhow).

  2. This is the best veeshir post ever 🙂

    I have to say I liked Mastroantonio’s hair the best, but Yasbeck is too cute to ignore.

  3. Mitchell says:

    In my youth I had the serious hots for Judi Trott and she’s still my favorite Maid Marion. She was in the British TV series Robin of Sherwood in the 80’s which was blatantly ripped off by the vastly inferior Costner movie.

  4. apotheosis says:


    omg YOU’RE A FURRY

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  6. Cassie says:

    I do not even know the way I stopped up right here, however I believed this post was once good.
    I do not realize who you are however definitely you’re going to a famous blogger when you aren’t already ;
    ) Cheers!

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