White man privilege

Posted: June 29, 2011 by aliceaitch in Hotassery, Random Crap

That’s what this is all about, I’m sure.  Allowing a gentleman (?!) dressed like this to board a plane while asking an African-American college student whose pants are down around his thighs is all about race and nothing else.

Marman’s attorney, Joe O’Sullivan, said his client had been stereotyped by US Airways as a thug, and that the airline was guilty of racial discrimination for asking Marman to adjust his clothes. Marman is African American.

“It just shows the hypocrisy involved,” O’Sullivan said after he viewed the photo of the cross-dressing passenger. “They let a drag queen board a flight and welcomed him with open arms. Employees didn’t ask him to cover up. He didn’t have to talk to the pilot. They didn’t try to remove him from the plane — and many people would find his attire repugnant.”

O’Sullivan added, “A white man is allowed to fly in underwear without question, but my client was asked to pull up his pajama pants because they hung below his waist.”

I love it when persecuted minorities get in catfights over who’s more persecuted.  I’m sure the lawsuit against US Airways had nothing to do with their reluctance to take on someone else with regards to their attire.

  1. EC says:

    I’m betting the airline thought the white guy was gay and didn’t want to touch that with a 100′ pole, whereas they thought they could take their chanes with Mr. Droopypants. Gay trumps race it seems.

  2. Veeshir says:

    I know I get hassled whenever I wear my Frank Furter outfit to the supermarket.

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