How do they get away with this shit?

Posted: July 5, 2011 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Notes on the Revolution

Capt. Ed has a post that links to a Politico (pronounced \pə-ˈ-i-ˌkō\) article that I ain’t linking, they lie, just like the rest of Minitrue.

Now in this article they lie about the GOP’s position, no correction forthcoming, If they do deign to actually correct this intentional lie….errr….. I’m sure totally honest mistake, it’ll be a small correction. Remember, SHOUT THE ACCUSATION!!!!! whisper the correction. It’s worked so well for global warmmongers and the ice-free North Pole.

But Capt Ed also mentions what they also just happen to “omit” (Lies of omission can be worse than lies of commission)

Missing in the article: any mention that Dayton has refused to negotiate with legislators for six weeks.

Get that? Minnefuckingsota is shutting down “non-essential” services, like fucking parks and recreation areas, on the 4th of fucking July, all because of one asshole, One. Fucking. Asshole. and Minitrue is shutting down any mention of this.

Read Capt Ed’s article (take some coffee, your keyboard will only be in danger from your forehead when you fall asleep or bang it in anger), the GOP tried like hell to do anything to get this one asshole to at least negotiate and he wouldn’t.

Why hasn’t this been “news”? Not even the evil Fauxnews has highlighted this example of Democratic intransigence at all.

One asshole, for political reasons, fucked a bunch of holiday attemptees in his fucking state and nobody is mentioning it’s because one asshole has refused to do his fucking job?(sorta like our current Dem Senate and former Dem Congress who refuse to pass a budget and only voted on Obama’s joke one.)

WTF is wrong with, well, everything? Here we have minitrue outlets like Politico trying to put the blame on the GOP for the intransigence of One, Democrat, Asshole.He fucked his own state and they’re busy trying to lay the blame at the GOP’s feet. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suddenly in love with Minnesota Republicans, but this is fucking ridiculous.

I’m starting to think we need Zombie Jefferson too. He’d starve back to death in short order, but he would go around eating the “brains” of the people who are perverting his dream of a free press.

I’m in kind of a foul mood. I spent the 4th in New Hampshire and now I’m in NY. I’m feeling unfree-er by the minute.

H/T Veeshir

  1. How do they get away with it?

    Casey Anthony.

    Charlie Sheen.

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    In short, sensationalism over news wins every time.

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