Round the ‘tubes, Boortz edition

Posted: July 6, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

What’s up with this?

And don’t any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote Republican,” Biden said. “I’m not supposed to say, this isn’t political. …don’t come to me if you do! You’re on your own, Jack!”

Gee, whodathunk electing  a chicago-machine politician would result in chicago-machine politics in Washington? (For the terminally stupid/leftist tools, yes, Biden isn’t from Chicago. His boss is.) And notice he admits he’s not supposed to say that but says it anyway. Most people have a switch that keeps you from saying what you’re not supposed to say, since Biden has never seen any repercussions from not having that switch, he can ignore it. Dick.

Next up, Obama’s top ten attacks on democracy.

It’s a pretty good list, but of course I’ll quibble. If they meant, “democracy in America”, I’d be fine with it. But they just say, “democracy”.

You need to include his hostility to democracy around the world and how he always, always, always sides with the dictator or budding dictator in each and every country where he’s had a chance to take a side. Honduras was the most despicably orchestrated, but Iran, where he called on both sides to tone it down (stop bleeding all over the fucking place you stupid protestors!) was pretty bad. And watching what he’s doing with Egypt (meeting with Islamic terrorists in the from of the Muslim Brotherhood) is about scary.

Next a little clarity on Kagan.

Of course Kagan isn’t going to recuse herself, and Rob Port explains how it can happen (It’ll happen because the left is doing Good and Right and therefore, laws, honesty and honor can be ignored)

Sadly, even though Kagan undoubtedly has a major conflict of interest in ruling on this case, due to the almsot unchecked power of the Supreme Court and utter lack of oversight, there’s not much we can do about it.

C’mon asteroid.

Wherein Veeshir disputes the WSJ on jobs.

The Department of Labor reported last week that a smaller share of 16-19 year-olds are working than at anytime since records began to be kept in 1948. …

They say it’s because of lots of things and I agree they’re bad, but I disagree that minimum wage is the primary cause. Almost as a throwaway line, they say something about parents not requiring their kids to have a job.

Now maybe it’s just because I’m a coastal guy (until the end of the month! yay!), but I know lots of people with kids who have a car and all the accoutrements that a teen is required to own, and those kids don’t have jobs. Hell, in at least one case the kid has a car and the parents are raking in lots of their money from the state in the form of children’s healthcare, foodstamps and tax “rebates” and such. So we’re paying for their kids to not have to work.

I don’t know one teenager who’s working and when I ask them about it, they don’t care. Their parents are worried that work will cut into “activities”. There comes a time when you need to make them adults. Nobody’s doing that anymore. Well, nobody but the military.

Next up: Steyn, Mark Steyn.

And last but most infuriatingly not least, CAFE Standards part Deux, or, How I learned to kill people in the name of my religion and still get smug self-satisfaction.

Reducing the size of cars, which is what cafe standards do, causes more people to die as they cruise around in lawn-chair-sized cars. Trees, hills and rocks think it’s funny when a Smart Car hit them.

It also has the primary effect of taking away my horse-power. In the 70s it destroyed the big block, there was a fucking Corvette that had 180 HP. Chrysler went from making the baddest mofos around (Super Birds!!!!!!) to making the LeBaron turbo in about 4 years. GM ‘made’ a Pontiac LeMans from Korea, bu Dae Woo. That is the one car I refused to sell when I was selling used cars in the 90s. I sold Chryslers, Hyundais and even, God help me, Renaults, but I would never sell a Pontiac LeMans/Dae Woo Oil Leak.

I’m just happy I got my 06 Mustang GT Convertible,  I intend to be buried in and/or pried out of it. Pretty soon, we’ll have the Mustang II Redux, a crappy shit-box raping an illustrious nameplate with all the vigor of George Lucas raping a fine movie.

Via Boortz’ reading assignments

  1. davisbr says:

    >> Now maybe it’s just because I’m a coastal guy (until the end of the month! yay!),

    >>I’m just happy I got my 06 Mustang GT Convertible I intend to be buried in and/or pried out of it.
    Me too: but it’s an ’02 Jeep TJ. I haven’t liked a car (or “accessorized” it …or waxed it) this much since my ’72 BMW 2002. If anything, it’s even more fun. Wouldn’t you know that the bastards would be charging four frelling bucks a gallon for go-juice when I find something that is just fun to drive around in.

    And jeezus …what’s up with the little login buttons disappearing? …kind of got used to them.

  2. Their parents are worried that work will cut into “activities”.

    Because we all know soccer and cheerleading lead to CEO jobs upon graduation, right??

    As to the car thing, I just read about how auto manufacturers are admitting that forcing cars to run on ethanol15 will void the warranties. Yay, us…

  3. socklessjoe says:

    Theoretically my late 90s pontiac has 205hp. It drives well, but unfortunately it’s a rusty piece of shit, and I’m prolly gonna have to get another vehicle within the year.

  4. Goober says:

    You’re on your own, Jack!”

    He makes this sound like a bad thing when all I’ve been asking for, over the course of more than a decade, is exactly that – to be on my own; to be left the fuck alone; to be allowed to make my own decisions, reap my own rewards, and deal with my own failures.

    he stands there threatening us with exactly that which we have been fighting to have for how long now…

    I would say that this is indisputable proof that the dem elites just don’t get it. You can’t tell people who have been asking you to leave them alone for so long that if they don’t quit asking, you’ll leave them alone and they will be on their own. It is illogical to the extreme, which proves that no matter how much we tell them, they still think that we secretly want them to intrude into our lives because they are so myopic that they cannot imagine why anyone would really want to be “on their own, Jack!” and not have the government involved in everything that they do. Please, oh please, Joe Biden, consider me to be Jack – can i please, pretty please, be “on my own” now?

  5. veeshireshir says:

    Yeah, our political, intellectual, social and moral betters don’t really understand anybody who doesn’t trust the NY Times.

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