The BAMF is strong in this one.

Posted: July 10, 2011 by alexthechick in Drunkblogging, Hotassery, Win!

My favorite character in HP is Neville Longbottom. I adore him and his awkwardness and his struggle and his turning into a hardcore BAMF.

Clearly, the universe decided that Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville, should be rewarded for how awesome he made Neville. Why do I say this? Because this is Matthew Lewis, all grown up.

Well played, universe, well played.

Here. Have some Dame Mirren just because.

  1. ATC, one of my fave pics of Mirren. I wanna look just like that when I grow up.

    As for Neville, he was always my favorite character. I see I have awesome taste.

  2. Dave C says:

    That was always one of my pet peeves of the books about Neville.

    The three ‘cool kids’ kinda dumped on him and treated him as a chump..

    It was refreshing to see him come into his own too and become a teacher at Hotwarts at the end of the series though.. (and a prolific member of Dumbledore’ Army)

    And then the entire mix up with him and Harry Potter and the prophecy..

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