Knew the GOP would bitch up and cave to the PLCB

Posted: July 25, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Drunkblogging, GOP FAIL
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Spineless vermin.  I fucking knew it.  Looks like we’re gonna be stuck with state run liquor…

  1. alexthechick says:

    Oh those pathetic motherfuckers.

  2. socklessjoe says:

    Scarnati is also eager to have a Marcellus fee. I am not a huge fan of Senator Scarnati at the moment, to say the least. IIRC there was speculation that he would use liquor store privatization as leverage to get his Marcellus plan enacted.

  3. veeshir says:

    I don’t mind gov’t selling booze, if it reduces their dependency on tax money, well, that’s fine with me. Of course, they waste that too and then need more tax money, but that’s our fault for letting it happen.

    The worst part about PA’s gov’t controlled liquor store is how much they suck. They’re like the worst liquor stores in the worst part of a big city.
    As I recall, Connecticut is really bad about that too. .

    NH is bad only because there aren’t many of them, but I lived in Portsmouth so I was near two.

    VA’s system is actually pretty good, liquor stores are no farther away than in NY where they’re private and they have an okay selection.

    That is one thing that NY does pretty well, they’re private and the better ones have an incredible selection.
    They’re even opening super-liquor stores, The town where I grew up has one in an old department store in a strip mall. It’s as big as a decent sized supermarket. They have like 5 sizes of Valu-Rite and even have Valu-Rite gin.

  4. veeshir says:

    Meant to say, when I saw this on my phone I had to go online because I thought they had caved in debt talks. I don’t know what PLCB is but I figured it was something to do with taking my money.

  5. socklessjoe says:

    PLCB = Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

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