Around the moronosphere 7/29/2011

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The Art of Manliness72 Hour Bug Out Bag.  Following up on yesterday’s survival shotgun.  I think he went a little overboard in a couple places, and I would definitely change the food around.  same with the weaponry.  When I think 72 hour bag I am thinking earthquake / flood get out of the area to family or friends.  I would go an entirely different route for civil insurrection / apocalypse.  That’s me maybe you don’t have those options and have to stay in an area that goes all post-Katrina.  If so I would be carrying more than a revolver.

Hot AirChina to US “Grow the f*** up”

Fox NewsScarlett Johansson declines invite to Marine Corps Ball, but she was fairly classy about it considering she is a hardcore lib.  Betty White said no too.

Seattle PIBikini clad woman kicked out of Walmart.  Whoa! I don’t blame them.

Caption ThisLife’s a Beach

NY TimesHBO discusses the future of “Game of Thrones”

Sydney Morning HeraldAfghan economy faces collapse when foreign forces withdraw

Times of India – Dems slam Nikki Haley for calling herself white.  Why is this an issue? 

  1. veeshir says:

    Caption this?
    Jaws 5: Easy With the Teeth
    Watch out for double wakes.

  2. veeshir says:

    Meant to say, love the Hot Air link.

    China is all pissed off. We owe them so much money their options are limited.
    I remember a saying from somewhere, you owe someone enough money and you’re no longer a debtor, you’re a partner.

    If they attack, say, Vietnam of the Philippines in the South China Sea, we can freeze their money in the US and stop paying them.
    They go bankrupt the next day.
    Have a nice day.

    So the Dem fecklessness actually put us in a position where our extreme weakness is an asset.

    Okay, that’s all about fitting for this particular end of civilization.

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