Apres Eux, Le Deluge

Posted: July 30, 2011 by veeshir in Uncategorized

Update: Put my moving travails under the fold. I was really angry this morning. And I would just like to say, that’s one of my favorite titles. Did I get the pronoun correct?

Iowahawk has been looking into what happens August 3 if they don’t agree to spend a few $trillion more of my money.

It’s pretty grim.

Roving bands of outlaws stalk our streets, selling incandescent bulbs to vulnerable children.

Unregulated mohair prices at the whim of unscrupulous mohair speculators.

NPR news segments no longer buffered by soothing zither interludes.

Breadlines teeming with jobless Outreach Coordinators, Diversity Liaisons, and Sustainability Facilitators. (if only it was community organizers V)

Cowboy poetry utterly lacking in metre.

General Motors unfairly forced to build cars that people want, for a profit.

Chaos reigns at Goldman Sachs, who no longer knows who to bribe with political donations.

And then it gets really bad.

Geez, I just hope Sesame Street isn’t forced to make a go of it without my money.

I kind of think of FrnakJ and Iowahawk as the soundtrack to the Funniest End of Civilization Ever.

Personal, in-post update.

I”m leaving around 2am tomorrow for AZ. Don’t look for updates from the road unless I can find someplace to charge my laptop and have more desire to do so than I think I’ll have.

Since I’m planning on driving until I fall asleep, I don’t think that’s in the cards. I’m mostly hoping I’m stopped when I fall asleep.

I’m going back and forth between 70 and 40.I had planned on taking 70 to St. Louis and then taking 44 down to 40 since taking 40 the whole way is through the hazy, hot, humid states I’d like to avoid.

40 is hot, hot, hot but relatively flat. 70 is hot, hot this week and mountany and I am actually towing a trailer with my fine convertible Mustang. Which isn’t supposed to be towing trailers so I’d like to avoid mountains.

Looking at the weather map, it’s the difference between 100 and 95 degrees.

The northern route is out, I’m not going near Illinois with all my guns. I’d have to spend the next 5 years getting them back after Illinois illegally confiscates them.

So right now I’m leaning toward 66-81-40-25 (New Mexico) to state road 60. Any better ideas?

I’d like to take 70 to see people along the way, but I’m planning on driving until I fall asleep, sleeping, then driving until I fall asleep, wash, rinse, repeat until I get to Phoenix.

I’m planning on  leaving at 2am and driving until dark, then sleeping for a few hours and driving from around 2 until dark. I’m hoping that’ll get me darn close on the second day. I doubt I’ll be smelling like a rose or even be coherent by the time I get near people I know (and like).


Forgot to say, U-Haul sucks.

I live in VA. I tried to rent a trailer in VA. There are at least two U-Haul locations in Alexandria, VA (where I live) that have trailers. One is in the area called “Old Town Alexandria”, I live in Old Town Alexandria. I made my reservation nearly 2 weeks ago so it’s not a surprise to them.

So naturally U-Haul sends me to fucking  Maryland.

When I tried to fix it, I got a bunch of rude, incompetent assholes. Every asshole I spoke to asked me if there were any trailers in the locations in VA.

Ummmm, asshole? That’s what I’m fucking asking you. After the second asshole asked me that I replied, very testily, “I don’t know. That’s why I’m calling you.” and the guy kept not checking but he did keep telling me to “relax”.

Fuck you Princeton at U-Haul. I’ll relax when you do your fucking job. Oh, and when I asked to speak to someone else and you told me there were no other people? Dick move.

Have I mentioned there are many, other options besides the rude, inconsiderate, incompetent assholes at U-Haul for your moving needs?

Fuck U-Haul.

Now I’m off to fucking Maryland from Virginia to get my trailer.

Did I mention, Fuck U-Haul? No? Well, fuck U-Haul.

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