Around the Moronosphere 8/1/2011

Posted: August 1, 2011 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Legal InsurrectionBoehner is lying, help me prove it by crowdsourcing the debt ceiling bill.  I paraphrased.

This Ain’t HellAF to cut leadership training for LTs.  It’s a cost cutting move.  In related news Army and Marines are too no longer issue those expensive rifles.

Mail & Guardian“Plus size” Brazilian women somehow find the courage to live despite the fact that stores don’t carry clothes in their size.

NY Times -  PA joins list of states with school testing cheating scandal.  Damn George Bush,  This is all his fault!

Times of India“Doctors and engineers appearing for an entrance exam for clerical posts reflects the job scenario today.”  Not a good sign in my opinion.

XinhuanetChinese workers to be downsized due to rising labor costs.  Replacements are robots.  Hasta la vista baby!

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