You Had Me At Corndog

Posted: August 6, 2011 by veeshir in Baconblogging, Win!

And then you added bacon

Does Think Geek really sell stuff? Cuz that’s awesome.

Via Lemur King, don’t click that, I’m boycotting him. I forget why, but I’m sure it’s really important.

  1. Lemur King says:

    It’s Vitaly Chernobyl and the Meltdowns kind of important.

    Boycott… quarantine… shunning… isolation.

    Was the boycott because I’m an intellectual quadriplegic?

    • veeshir says:

      I think it had something to do with the Bilbergers, Masons and fettucini alfredo.

      But it’s important that I keep it up or else Selma and friends go away.

  2. davisbr says:


    $3 cheaper at Amazon.

    Mine should be here Wednesday or so.

    I’ll let you know.

    Good tip btw. TY.

    If you like hot dogs, we picked up what was then called the Hot-Diggity-Dogger 10 years or so ago (from a tip at the puppy blenders, natch), and it is the ONLY way to make a hot dog. Dee-lish …plus easy. Don’t forget to clean the tray. Ours is still going strong after 10 years of use. Who’d a thunk that the best way to make hot dogs was …a hot dog toaster? It is though. Toasted hot dogs are just better testing. Than the Weber, even. Nothin’ in ‘dog world beats ’em. (We use Hebrew National all-beef franks, and regular buns; like everyone says, you can’t use plump dogs, or thick buns. Hey! Just make two.)

    I’m a purist snob. Lay the dog in the bun, hose both side with French’s yellow mustard, and fill in both edges with relish. And gnosh down. No frills. Just good-nesses. (My wife layers her’s with all kinds of slop, er, condiments. Yechh: a sorry waste of tube-steak. Sorry dear; calls ’em like I sees ’em.)

    The ONLY variation I allow is an occasional chili-dog (Dennison’s, naturally). Even then, most of the time I prefer the Dennisons as a side-dish.

    “Serve” with a tall cold one, a dark porter or stout, (in a Pilsner) …and …omigawd, but I have this craving for some reason.


    (It’s now called only by the number HDT-600; the device they’re now calling the Hot-Diggity-Dogger is something different looking, where the baskets are horizontal. Dunno anything about it. HIGHLY recommend the HDT-600 though. Awesome dogs.)

    • veeshir says:

      I’m not a big hot dog fan. I eat them if they’re good, like from a German pork store, or I’m “hot dogs or oatmeal” broke, but mostly I like them with a certain sauce.

      The town where I grew up had a lot of Greeks.
      Mostly they had diners or pizzerias, but two families had hot dog places. Dallas and Uncle George’s Texas Hot Wieners. Whenever I drive anywhere near there I stop.

      The sauces were basically the same, a thinish, sorta hot, ground-beef sauce. They come with mustard, onions and hot sauce, I get “no onions”. Fanfargingtastic. They also have McD’s style fries. Thin and crispy, except they’re made to order so they’re always hot and fresh.

      They can’t do it anymore without an arm glove, but it used to cool to watch some hairy Greek guy with 6 or 8 dogs lined up his arm, putting on mustard, onions and hot sauce.

      The only problem is that sometime in the late 80s or 90s they switched from RC to Pepsi. Bastids. I like RC cola the best, Coke second and Pepsi a distant 8th.

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