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Posted: August 19, 2011 by veeshir in Bipartisan FAIL, Jitardis, Mideast Madness, What the fuck did they blow up now?

Yemen has been playing jihadi games for a long time now. They capture some al Quaeda types, put them in jail, then they escape. At one point we bombed what the Yemeni despots said were al Quaeda camps only to find out they were villages the despots didn’t like.

Now we have al Quaeda taking over a few villages after “heavy fighting”. Which heavy fighting apparently wasn’t so heavy, or fighting.The Yemenis leave the villages, and leave weapons behind, and then al Quaeda moves in. The last village they pretended to fight, and claimed it was days of heavy fighting, when it apparently was just a typical Middle Eastern “battle”, where a bunch of idiots fire their AKs at full auto and come closer to hitting Allah than each other.

We’ve been training their folks to kill terrorists, so how do they use this training?

Yemen’s US trained elite counter-terror units were not deployed against the terrorists in Abyan but against unarmed youthful revolutionaries across the nation.

About how you’d expect a vicious dictator to use it.


I just wish our political leadership had the balls for the Nuke the Moon strategery. Unfortunately, we haven’t had anybody like that in a long, long, long time.

We’re stuck with idjits trying to fight wars on the cheap and just trading one set of enemies (Gheadeffeya) for another (Islamic nutjobs),  helping vicious dictators kill their own people (Yemen), helping vicious dictators who kill their own people, Israelis and Americans (the death cult in Gaza and the West Bank), helping kleptocratic, corrupt gov’ts stay in power because the alternative is worse (Afghanistan) or fighting a war against an enemy we refuse to admit is the enemy (Fighting Iran in Iraq).

We are so fucked.

For more than you really want to know about Yemen, from someone who the Yemeni vicious dictator hates, check out Jane at Armies of Liberation.

  1. I just wish our political leadership had the balls


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