This Will Stimulate the Economy Like Hemlock Stimulated Socrates

Posted: August 24, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Crapblog News, FAIL, Filthy Hippies, Fucking Markets

Fuck you, lefties. Fuck the fact that when two of the leading lights on your side of the aisle endorse vandalism and natural disasters (when not hoping for alien invasions), you have conceded that you have run out of stimulative economic ideas. Fuck you with a fishwater douche for being stupid. Gurglefuck you back to undergrad for wanting to see people suffer to facilitate your policy goals just weeks after claiming your opponents were the ones wanting to see carnage and suffering. Fuck you for preening around as though you are Fiery Fucking McFuckleberry, all while abandoning logic and the realms of sanity to defend and prop up your failed ideology. And fuck you because I cannot see stupidity this vile get rewarded with Nobel Prizes and Sorosbucks.

Disaster and crime to help an economy like a ham sandwich helped stimulate Mama Cass? Lecturefuck you with a chalkboard eraser.

Suffering as a stimulus like a mugging stimulates the bandage industry? Fuck you with mercuricome until you become sane again.

And thinking that these ideas trump reasoned, logical, and historically validated ideas such as less bureaucracy and taxation reduction? Fuck you with facts until you admit you are wrong.

Look, as I fucking watched my daughter walk into school to begin first grade today, the last fucking thing I want is for her to suffer, be it financially or as the result of crime or Gaia having a case of “Aunt Flo” visiting. I want her to have everything I had at her age. I want her to have a future free of fear and angst. And you fuckers can’t come up with an idea better than earthquakes or petty theft? Then fuck you outside of time and thought. You have forfeited all respect and consideration of your ideas with this bucketful of fuckheadedness wrapped around the fuckmonkey of stupidity’s fuckmuscle, and should leave at once to let the sane people rescue this country.

UPDATE: Yup, the Krugman earthquake bit was a hoax, but fuck them all with a dead pet’s necrosplooge anyway just because.

  1. Sean M. says:

    You’re seriously surprised to see that the spreading of misery is a leftist ideal?

  2. Sean M. says:

    The Krugman thing turned out to be a hoax.

  3. Sean: I saw that. That’s why I updated at the end

  4. YEAHHH….what he fucking said…..fuck- fuckers!!!!!

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