Round the ‘Tubes: FEOCE Edition

Posted: August 26, 2011 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, PEBKAC

All links and P-shops guaranteed 100% funny and endy or double your money back. Some restrictions apply, void where Veeshir is prohibited by law.

First up, Via Gateway Pundit, we find out that Joe Scarborough once proposed a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning Sharpton as a racist piece of shit. Now? they’re both working for MSNBC. Okay, kinda funny.

Next, via Yourish, we find Krauthammer’s Tweet of the day

Earthquake, hurricane, Obamacare. When does it stop? Seven more and I vote we let the Israelites go.


Next, we have Veeshir siding with the NY Times. (safe Newsbusters link) As we all know, Hurricane Irene is GONNA KILL US ALL (well, if we live on the East Coast) and the NY Times had the temerity to put the stories about it on page A 17, while the always staid NY Post and NY Daily News had front page “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” stories.

Continuing with the “Hey, I agree” theme, here we have Veeshir agreeing with Rep Elijah Cummings

There’s another thing the press seems to not get. A lot of African-Americans that I’ve talked to, most of them say that they ‘feel this President has been treated unfairly.

Exactly, if we had treated him fairly, he would have been treated as the black John Edwards (minus the extra-marital affairs) he is and we would be looking at Hillary!’s second term.

Next, we have the World Sighs part of The Funniest End of Civilization Ever:

Bernanke proposed no new steps by the Fed to boost the economy.

Yay! (Last three links via Drudge, next two via Say Uncle)

Going back to hurricane news, we have Ray Nagin giving advice on how to weather the storm. I LOLd I did. No, I ROFLOLd. No, I WMPROFLOL (wet my pants rolling on the floor laughing out loud).

Next we have a push in NY to keep gun manufacturers instate. NY, as you might know, has spent decades chasing manufacturers like Corningware, IBM (and ancillary businesses like Rotron who makes fans for computers), IBM, Oneida Silver and more out of the state and now they want to keep the makers of items they’re trying to outlaw. There’s a morality play in there somewhere but it would have to be written by Aristophenes.

And last but most certainly not least, we have a p-shop via Ed Driscoll from Freaking News(Below the fold cuz this post is too long, it’s worth the clicky)


    Yeah, that last one made me laugh, before the tears started.

  2. I WMPROFLOL AND almost spit neopolitan ice cream all over my monitor!!! (see…I’m diversified!)

    Dude…don’t do sh*t like that without some type of prefice…dayyymmm!!!

  3. veeshir says:

    Yeah, that last one made me laugh, before the tears started.
    Dude…don’t do sh*t like that without some type of prefice…

    Hey, I promised they’d all be funny and endy.
    I even put the disclaimer at the top.

  4. *runs to check if Veeshir is prohibited by law in Texas*

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