Some Will Say……Fail!

Posted: September 1, 2011 by veeshir in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

Update: Above the post update.

Another level of Fail!, that makes 4. He had to move it to 7pm to avoid pissing off millions of Americans.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

rdbrewer writes at Ace’s about Obama’s Important Address to Congress next week.

Rather, he writes about Obama attacking Congress after setting up his speech next week.

Talk about Fail!

First, we have a bunch of stories about Obama caving on the timing of his speech, “Obama caves to Boehner“, et tu Yahoo?

So he looks weak after trying to be a POS and upstaging the GOP debate. Most people who are paying attention know that’s what happened, hell, even Beckel knows that (thought he’d never admit it). Obama tried to be an asshole and the GOP slapped him around. Talk about Fail.

Second, we all know his speech is going to be full of strawmen, vague generalities about “shared sacrifice” and most importantly, he’s going to attack Congress. Will we see some Dems shouting, “You lie!”? That would be funny.

I look forward to views of Pelosi grimacing as Obama attacks Congress for not…uhhhhh….. Doing What Obama Wants (even as he doesn’t say what he wants).

Third, and most important, he’s going to be screwing with football.

We know he won’t accept a 7pm eastern start time, he’ll have to start at 8. Does the NFL delay the start of the game, pissing off millions, or do they start on time and cause Obama’s speech to have the lowest rating of any speech to a joint session?

The game is on NBC so that’s a toughie, either they mess with their God-President or they piss off millions of viewers.

Especially as, if they delay the game so they can show his speech, it’ll really piss off NFL fans as football is delayed for just another crap speech where he doesn’t say anything but talks about “Some” and the “Do-Nothing Congress” and blames everything on others.

If I thought he really was a Bears fan, I would laugh with him for messing with the triumphant return of the Packers, but I bet a dollar he can’t name his favorite Bear (unless it’s Poley Bear), just like he couldn’t name his favorite White Sox player.

It’s tough to pack that much Fail into one speech, but Obama managed that. I’m impressed (and kinda depressed as I hate watching the office of POTUS become such a laughingstock).

  1. There’s only ONE issue I’d be willing to watch barry discuss…not jobs….not the economy….not the wars….and not his whiney little girlies shit attitude….IF he announces his resignation/ drop out of 2012 race….I’m recording it for all of posterity!!!

    Since I already know he’s far too fucking ignorant to do either….fucking him and the chewbacca he road in on….and his little fucking dog, too!!!

    baryy is THE worse thing to haooen to America since the passage of the Welfare Act!!!! and two days after…he was concieved….fucking figures….anything to give those fuckers a reason NOT to work, right?

    • veeshir says:

      Oh, I’d say worse things happened to America…… oh wait, you said “since the Welfare Act”.
      I’ll give you that one.

      It’s kind of depressing (and funny) how I, a charter member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (since 1992), am actually pining for the days when Clinton was president.

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