Posted: September 1, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap, Shoeblogging

Yes, I’ve been very delinquent in posting, admittedly because I’m finding the news cycle to be really meh, also the endiness of our political situation is kinda bogging me down, you can only do this,

…so many times before you start to annoy yourself.

In other news, Ray-Ban Wayfarers are apparently the most rare objects on earth unless you want them in obnoxious hipster douchebag colors, I’ve literally spent late spring through to the entire summer trying to give somebody my money for a pair.  I had two retailers playing grabass for two months trying to find me these fucking sunglasses, and now I’m doing it with an online vendor who made no indication that they were out of stock…but, oh, hey, yeah, uh…we’re on backorder, it should be 3-5 business days…  God. Fucking. Dammit.  It’s gonna be so awesome to get them in late October or early November when I don’t fucking need them for six months.  Seriously, WTF?

I really could have used them this year, I live in a valley, and a lot of days we have at least a partial cloud cover, if not full cloud cover.  This year we seemed to have a lot more clear skies, plus I was spending more time outside (which was very good for me, I actually felt significantly better for spending more time outside, even if it was just sitting around and relaxing), not to mention for driving.

I could buy a pair of cheapos or knockoffs until I get the real deal, but honestly, I’m very much a buy once cry once kind of person, plus I’m obsessed with trying to limit the amount of stuff I own, there are *strong* hoarding tendencies in my family (we’re not talking featured on TLC bad, but really cluttered with a lot of unneeded stuff), and I have a very strong hoarding impulse that I work very hard to control (and I do a pretty good overall, I will say) , so I try to minimize my stuff to the essentials, a few high quality things and that’s that.

I used to have a big shoebox of random pens and pencils (note, I wear size 16, and it was packed almost full), I got rid of all of them and whittled it down to 3 nice fountain pens, one big Pelikan with a broad nib for signatures and personal letters, one extra fine Parker for day to day notes, a Waterman Phileas (my first fountain, and I got it for a song, this prompted the eventual purge) as a classy beater, and two Cross Aventuras that I got for real cheap on sale as a pair of regular beaters.  Then I have Parker Sonnets in roller and ballpoint if I need (some things ball pens just do better) which I got for dirt cheap on clearance.  I have three Bic mechanical pencils on those rare instances I need a pencil, and they’ll be replaced with a single nice mechanical when I find a good deal on something.  I have three bottles of ink for my fountains to fill from, and two cartridges on standby in their blister pack for the Aventuras if they need deployed.

I simplified what I had immensely, it’s 10,000x more interesting and classy than the pile of disposable crap pens and pencils I had in that box, and they write far better too.  It reduced the amount of space being used up by 75%, and I’ll get a lifetime of use out of them.  The Pelikan was the only one I dropped significant coin on, and even then I got a once in a lifetime kind of deal on it, it is my signature pen, a signature pen should have a strong presence.  There’s always a method to my madness.

So, back to sunglasses, there are really only three pairs of sunglasses I’d ever be interested in owning, those being Wayfarers, Clubmasters and Shooters in the Kalichrome yellow.  Unfortunately, the Clubmasters don’t really come in a size that’d look good on my somewhat large noggin (which really bums me out, I actually really like the style), ditto the Shooters (not to mention the yellow isn’t made anymore), you’re looking at roughly $350-400 for vintage from what I’ve seen thus far.

I like classic stuff, and no, I’m not getting a white linen suit and pastel t-shirts to go with it, before that gets asked (though i do love my cheesy 80s stuff and Miami Vice).  Besides, how you you rock the Don Johnson look if those fucktards at Vltor never actually get around to fucking building the Bren Ten?  I am however thinking I’m gonna pick up a navy blazer, my sport coat is frankly about shot and doesn’t fit that well anymore anyway , we’re pushing into,

…territory.  Plus with light khakis I save myself a good chunk by avoiding some dry cleaning, it’s a bit casual but with a good tie I’ll be looking more formal and put together than most people do these days.  And yes, I know that’s gonna look preppy as hell, I blame 13 years of Catholic schooling for that.

  1. aliceaitch says:

    You’ve tried OpticsPlanet?

  2. Elliott says:

    I like Alex’s shoe posts better, more stompy stompy and less frou frou

  3. I like a man who values the handwritten sentiment.

    The whole sunglasses thing is a bit….well, good luck with it 😀

  4. Vmaximus says:

    Living in Florida sunglasses are a must. I learned early on if you want good glasses you have to pay for them. I have had them all, and literally have spent thousands on glasses over the years
    Costa Del Mar.
    Simply the best ever. Better than Revo,Maui Jim, Oakley.
    If you must have Wayfarers get them.

    When I eventually broke them. (after 6 years the lenses were still unscathed in spite of abuse)
    Costa sent me a new pair for $60

  5. veeshir says:

    I like Bolle glasses, they’re the only ones I’ll wear since I got my convertible,
    you can’t wear cheap glasses or the glare blinds you too often.

    Bolle will send you a new pair for $50 if you break them, or they’ll fix them cheap.

    I got my first pair because a friend was going to throw his away, he scratched the left lens. Since I don’t use that lens, I told him to give them to me.
    I’ve liked them since but I didn’t buy them until I got the convertible as I didn’t really need good sunglasses.

  6. Sockless Joe says:

    I’m a cheap sunglasses person. Actually, I rarely wear them except when driving, so I keep a pair of polarized sunglasses in the car. Being the car, they naturally get beat up over time, so I go cheap and replace ’em as needed.

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