Gimme some more of that sweet, sweet union civility

Posted: September 9, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Union Wins Again

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kind word spoken of longshoremen, and in my limited experience in dealing with them and the recent goon squad activity, I can understand why.  Anyway, my story, when I was in college we went on a cruise to Mexico from Florida, we were only in Florida for a day, so we didn’t bother with a rental, we took a shuttle to the port.

The driver was awesome, short black lady, early 40s I’d guess, very friendly, pointed out different spots of interest in town and some funny experiences working as a driver.  We get to port and she goes to one of the dropoff spots for our ship, we drive towards a gate and a longshoreman signals her to stop and starts barking orders at her that she has to use a different gate, she dismisses him and goes through.  She turns around and says, “Damn longshoremen are the worst, they think they can push anyone around like they’re in charge, they aren’t pushing me around, they don’t intimidate me!”  From what I understand, if you used the side gate the offloading for bags was done by the cruise line directly, the main gate was done by union workers, which is why she took us to the side gate, and why the longshoreman was chewing her out.

So, this guy seems to fit the mold of the ill-tempered goon longshoreman quite well,

Fucking goon.

  1. Veeshir says:

    I personally like when he took Uncle Jimbo’s advice

    They’re coming right for……Don’t you threaten me you cocksucker!

  2. When they asked Captain Pottymouth for his name and he replied “Fuck You, Cocksucker…THAT’S my name!”?

    A totally pimp move from the cameraman would have been when the guy’s walking back to the front door, say in a sincere voice “Thanks for speaking your mind, Mr. Cocksucker”.

  3. […] after he was identified by someone seeing him on the vid posted on a bunch of blogs, including one that nobody […]

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