Real or the Onion?

Posted: September 9, 2011 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault, Union Wins Again

Some new czar or whatever for Obama once advocated for prisoners to form a union. Whole post is silly since it happened in 99 so I put it below the fold.  In other words, it’s 12 years old. Now that’s moron-blogging!

It’s kinda funny how hard it has become to tell the difference between reality and the Onion.

So, without clicking (or hovering your mouse), is this real or is this the Onion?

At a George-Soros funded symposium on prison labor, Alan Krueger, Obama’s choice to head up his Council of Economic Advisers, advocated for unions for prisoners:

Krueger …. supported the Fair Labor Standards Act and Occupational Safety and

Health coverage for inmates, as well as the right to form or belong to unions. (Source:..)

Krueger also supported paying minimum wage and overtime to prisoners.

That’s all about the funny. Got your guess?

It’s not the Onion, it’s reality world.

I guess Obama’s planning on recruiting reinforcements for his union thugs leading up to the election.

Via Paco, who you might know from Tim Blair’s comments.

  1. How sad is it that The Onion is more realistic than the MSM??

  2. Mitchell says:

    I saw that somewhere else earlier this week. Eh. Typical leftist moonbattery. But it was also 12 years ago and to my knowledge it never went anywhere.

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