Daddies and daughters

Posted: September 13, 2011 by aliceaitch in Anklebiting rugrats, The Joys of Parenting

A beautiful blog post of 50 rules for dads of daughters.

And then the comments make me want to punch some of the readers in the (likely absent) testicles.  Really, a post as beautiful as this one, a post that explains just about everything you need to do to raise your daughter to be a good human being, find a man who will treat her decently, and be confident in everything she does, and all you can do is bitch that the pictures weren’t “diverse” enough?  Piss off.  I’m surprised you’re not bitching that the author didn’t include a pic of a girl flirting with another girl for #49.

  1. I skipped the comments, since I was crying like a blithering idiot through most of it 😀

  2. davisbr says:

    Thanks Alice.

    Maybe my favorite AliceH headsup evah.

    I lol’ed (cracked up, actually) on 47 btw.

    …not dry-eyed at all, at all. Just sayin’.

  3. Michael says:

    So… I get Google alerts when people link to that post. I just happened to look at yours and I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for having the common sense to see my list for what it was and thanks for sharing it here on your blog. You’ve brightened my day.


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