A woman of many talents

Posted: September 22, 2011 by aliceaitch in Hotassery, Moron of the Day, WTF Is Wrong With Colorado

Those treehugger types are supposed to be all peaceful and animal-loving and kind and not own guns.  Nice job breaking the mold!

A Boulder acupuncturist and yoga instructor has been accused of animal cruelty after several witnesses told police she was running a Chihuahua at a pace of 10 to 15 mph alongside her car as she drove down a city street last week.

According to the police report, Zalk told the women, “Excuse me, I have a gun in my car. Do you want me to get it?”

Here’s the really confusing thing, though…Go take a look at the picture of Joan Renee Zalk at the link.  Go ahead, we’ll wait right here while you do.

Now take a look at this link.  And try to explain it to me.  Or to your penis.

  1. MikeD says:

    Ah… she didn’t actually have a gun. So she’s a dirty, LYING hippie.

  2. DejahThoris says:

    She probably secretly hates trees as well.

    That corporation is in Florida, and the news article states the that the oxygen thief, herself, is a resident of Boulder. Not that she couldn’t be diversifying.

  3. Moron Pundit says:

    My penis was unavailable for comment. I wonder if it is ever coming back.

  4. Thank goodness I have no penis.

    Funny how hippies will threaten with a gun, but scream about gun control when someone else actually HAS a gun.

    • Veeshir says:

      Not really so funny. They know they shouldn’t be trusted with one so they assume everybody else is a selfish, narcissistic, violent asshole.

      That’s why anti-war protests are so violent

      • DejahThoris says:

        I thought people held anti-war protests for the free flat-screens and Xboxes.

        Apropos of nothing, when are you guys going to give me the option of +1-ing posts, so that I can be cool and hip and groovy like the rest of the cool kids on Google +?

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