Well that’s weird

Posted: September 24, 2011 by veeshir in Random Crap

You know those Southwest Airlines planes that have the  “possibly arabic-script graffiti” on them?

Well Doug Ross has some links and pics showing that “possibly arabic-script” to be scimitars, much like the one on the Saudi flag. You know, the one that has nothing to do with jihad, cuz jihad is all about inner, spiritual struggle and not blowing stuff up.

Apparently the “graffiti” only shows up when the area is heated, they’re often painted near the exhaust ports.

I wonder what the deal is. I hope SWA is going over those planes with a fine-toothed, anti-splodin- stuff comb.

I really do.

One thing about this story this story I really don’t like is the secrecy and the way Minitrue is not telling us anything.

That makes me think that the gov’t is involved and maybe there is something else going on that “we don’t need to know, bless our dim little hearts“.

But then, I’m paranoid that way.

I’m not sure where this post belongs, I was going to put it in “exploding things”, but I’m hoping it doesn’t belong there.

  1. To the best of my knowledge, they have not been found on any other airline jets. Also, they originated from one airport: LAX, IIRC.

    You don’t need a tin foil hat in this scenario. It stinks to high heaven.

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