You Don’t Like Our System of Government?

Posted: September 28, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Conservatism, Democratic morality

Well fuck you. Fuck you, Harold Meyerson. Fuck all of you with the furious fuckfury of the flying fuckeagle of freedom. Fuck your inability to accept that your views are not welcomed by most Americans. Fuck you for your refusal to admit that the same system that played a key role in making this country the greatest nation to ever exist did so because it prevented fascist futtock shroud fondling fuckfusiliers such as you and your fuckhorts from ruining this country with your fuckpustile plans. Fuck you for refusing to work within the system to achieve your goals. And volumefuck you with the facts for refusing to notice that your preferred methods of governing without the will of the people only leads to misery and a shittier way of life.

That is all.

  1. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    “the furious fuckfury of the flying fuckeagle of freedom”

    It. Shall. Not. Be. Denied.

    Awesome as always, Eddiebear.

  2. Capt. Craig says:

    I’m impressed that you know what futtock shrouds are, you cannot be all bad:)

  3. Nord says:

    Flying fukeagle of freedom Ya.

  4. Yeah…what he said! TWICE!!!

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