Don’t Ridicule the Wrong People

Posted: September 29, 2011 by veeshir in Liberal Fascism, Nanny State

Andrew Bolt is an Aussie who is very good at ridiculing the Australian left. He’s like Mark Steyn except he lives in a different unfree country (Steyn of course, eventually won his “you offended me case” in Canada).

So he wrote this article making fun of various white guys receiving awards, scholarships and prizes designated for aborigines and even, according to the article, black women.

Hear that scuffling at the trough? That’s the sound of black people being elbowed out by white people shouting “but I’m Aboriginal, too”. Hark! – is that a man’s voice I now hear bellowing: “And I’m an Aboriginal woman.”

So what’s an aggrieved lefty living in a country without the First Amendment to do?

That’s right, find a pliant court and take him there because he’s intolerant and stuff.

So Bolt lost and you have to love this comment

Justice Bromberg said it was important to note his judgment did not forbid debate or articles on racial identity issues if done “reasonably and in good faith in the making or publishing of a fair comment”.

I’ll translate, if you’re of the wrong political persuasion, shut up you.

A tolerant leftist who’s totally in favor of free speech had this to say

She said the court’s decision meant racial identity could be debated, but with respect.

I’ll translate that too, Bolt makes fun of the left and they have no sense of fucking humor so they have to shut him up.

Tim Blair had better be careful, with this win under their belt he’s next.

I don’t know the penalty, but even if it’s a “don’t do that again” it’s a travesty.

Australia used to look like a good option as a free country at one point, but now that they’ve taken away free speech and the right to bear arms, well, take em off the barbie, they’re done.

Sigh. At least they’ve given us Crocodile Dundee and Elle Macpherson.

C’mon, did you really expect me to give you a pic of Mick Dundee? Not hardly.


  1. I also heard that JoNova had to close comments on her blog due to the fact that the courts can find her liable for the stuff others write at her blog.

    Oz is beyond screwed.

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