Veeshir to Enterprise, beam him up. Fast!

Posted: September 29, 2011 by veeshir in HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, L.L.A.P.H.

Shatner does the best William Shatner parody out of anybody I’ve seen.

  1. What a great start to my morning 😆

  2. davisbr says:

    So I’m surfing through Amazon Prime on the Roku Tuesday nite, and what do I see? – Season 1 episode 1 of Star Trek …in HD!!! Whoo-hoo. (I’ve never seen the original in syndication btw, so this was a BFD for me.)

    Me (a couple of minutes in): She’s really a salt sucking alien. The security guy is toast.
    Wifie: You remember that???
    Me: ???
    Me: Of course.

    …but in reflection, I had no idea how much the originals were embedded in my psyche.

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