My Take On Joe Biden’s “Rape” Comment

Posted: October 19, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Brevity etc., Crapblog News, Democratic morality

Fuck anybody who agrees with him forever with a perpetual loop so that they can never get away from it. Fuck anybody until they see sound for thinking that a piece of legislation is like rape. Fuck you for coarsening our political speech, yet accusing us of being the violent ones. Fuck you for making me yearn for the days when I was called a bigot and a “racist” for my political stances. Fuck you with the fifth fuckverse of freedom from the flying fuckeagle of foreshadowing for making Bill Clinton’s “the GOP wants to starve Grandma” seem like Chaucerian satire. And fuck anybody with the galloping fuckgoatse of generations to come if they ever fucking dare criticize anybody else for saying anyfuckingthing while defending this while their own people do rape and commit violent fucking acts.

You know what is like rape? RAPE, you fucking fuckheaded fuckpins. You know what’s like having a gun pointed at you? HAVING A REAL FUCKING GUN POINTED AT YOU. And you know what’s like a 200 lb man telling you to submit (besides what happens to us taxpayers at tax time)? HAVING A REAL 200 lb MAN FORCING YOU TO SUBMIT! And you know what else gets me fucking worked up? I have known people who have been raped, who have had guns pointed at them, and have had men try to force them to submit, and none the fuckity fuck of them ever tried to get a bill passed as a result of it. In fact, the victims are still scarred to this day, still have problems, and still get nervous in certain situations. And you want to fucking claim passing a bill is like that? Fuck you until YOU FUCKING LIKE IT. How about that?

Fuck you, rape analogists. Fuck you forever. And go to hell along the way.

  1. Jetmore says:

    As someone who has been robbed at gunpoint and had a few guns pointed at me, I take exception to Sheriff Joe’s comments. In my life I’ve not felt at any time that the local constabulary has had any interest in protecting myself OR my family- lest you wonder, I am not a ne’er-do-well and have never run afoul of the law. For all the (tax) money and freedom we spend on security (local/state/federal) – they (govt) don’t give a damn- we are only a source of revenue. If you want to keep safe, keep yourself safe- noone but yourself or your family gives a damn about your safety. Biden can get bent.

    • creeper00 says:

      Jetmore, your comment disturbs me because it’s made me realize that I don’t believe our local constabulary has much interest in protecting any of us, either. And this is in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. The police here seem to view all of the citizenry as potential criminals. It’s unsettling but a logical progression of the more and more iron-fisted control our government institutions seem hell-bent on imposing.

  2. I’m not even gonna comment on the irony of using “Fuck” in response to Sheriff Slo-Joe’s rape rhetoric.

  3. Hide your kids, hide your wife…

  4. aliceaitch says:

    Glad to know only liberals get raped. I suppose that means all us conservative wimmenfolk are safe. I wonder why that is…

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