So, about the whole no threat of cyberwar thing

Posted: October 19, 2011 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Those of you who both bother to read this blog and who are without long term memory loss inflicted by drugs, alcohol, or repeated blows to the head, (in math that’s called a null set), may remember that back in June President Obama’s chief advisor on cybersecurity declared there was no such thing as cyberwarfare.

Wonder what he thinks about this:

A new computer virus using “nearly identical” parts of the cyber superweapon Stuxnet has been detected on computer systems in Europe and is believed to be a precursor to a new Stuxnet-like attack, a major U.S.-based cyber security company said today. … A representative for Symantec said they were made aware of the new threat after the unnamed European research lab forwarded them a sample of the code along with their analysis comparing it with Stuxnet, which Symantec then confirmed. McAfee Labs, another cyber security power player, said they too had been given a sample of the Duqu code for analysis. “One thing for sure is the Stuxnet team is still active…” McAfee said on its website.

Technical details here Two thing I found interesting, a valid digital certificate from a company in Taiwan was used in the insertion, and the data was reported back to a server in India. Now I am just spitballing but who would benefit the most if India and Taiwain were caught some collateral damage from this escapade, and who has a history of cyber attacks? Who can say China? source

  1. Mitchell says:

    I’m cornfused. Are you implying that China was behind the attack on the Iranian centrifuges?

  2. chad98036 says:

    No, I am implying they reverse engineered Stuxnet and are behind the virus. That however is wild and unsupported speculation on my part based only on the location of the proxy sites and a desire for a good espionage story.

  3. Veeshir says:

    Oh, c’mon, everybody knows it’s the joooooooooooooooos

  4. chad98036 says:

    I’m sure there are some Chinese Jews it can be blamed on.

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