Promise Kept, no expiration date

Posted: October 22, 2011 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

So Obama recently said, in relation to Fast and Furious

Obama on ‘Fast and Furious’: ‘People Who Have Screwed Up Will Be Held Accountable’

Well, it looks like that’s one promise he’ll keep.

Dobyns and ATF became aware of credible and substantial violent threats against him and his family. Those threats included plans to murder him either with a bullet or by injecting him with the AIDS virus, kidnapping and torturing his then 15-year-old daughter and kidnapping his wife in order to videotape a gang rape of her. Dobyns and ATF also learned contracts were solicited between the Hells Angels, the Aryan Brotherhood and the MS-13 gang to carry out these threats….

The threats were ignored. When Dobyns essentially “blew the whistle” on Newell, pointing out his failures to address violent death threats against a federal agent, he was retaliated against. Newell dismissed the threats and then covered up his blatant dismissal of those threats within the Phoenix Field Office…..

Newell was the brainchild of Operation Fast and Furious in the ATF Phoenix Field office. Newell is also the agent who was in regular contact with a member of the White House national security team, Kevin O’Reilly, about the lethal program. Newell also said he would conduct Operation Fast and Furious again, despite two Americans and hundreds of innocent Mexicans dead as a result of the program.

Newell used Dobyns as a test run, to see just how much he could get away with in his management position within ATF before getting reprimanded. Considering nobody was held accountable for the mistakes made in handling death threats against Dobyns, Newell knew he had the green light to do whatever he wanted, at the highest levels of corruption.

He’ll teach those whistleblowing jerks.

We are so boned it’s not funny at all.

I haven’t touched on F&F or Gunwalker or any of the other gun running deals because it’s too infuriating, but Bob Owens has been all over it.

A search page of his posts, they cover the lies, the cover-ups, the promotions of the scumbags in charge and the hassling of whistleblowers.

Considering that many Obama admin assholes were screeching about American guns going to Mexico as the various gun-running programs were going on, it’s pretty obvious what the intent was. So now they have to smear everybody to try to keep out of jail. I wonder how much of our money Obama is funneling to the Mexican gov’t to keep them quiet. I figure it’s at least a few billion.

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