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The former sheriff of Arapaho County, Pat Sullivan…dude was offering meth for…

Apparently this was one of those well known rumors among police officers in the county.  Police also raided his computer, found mountains of ghey porn, all of which were adults, but it sounds like he’s been doing this sort of thing extensively, and police are looking heavily into whether he’s been involved with minors.

Question: What is it with closet cases and meth in Colorado?

He’s also apparently an anti-2nd douche, so my sympathy for the guy is zero.

This time with a defense contractor making parts for Humvees and Strykers,

5 Greatest Toys Of All Time

Posted: November 29, 2011 by veeshir in Random Crap

Hard to argue with this list, I was going to argue with number 5, but they include the variant where you add water so I can’t.

My only problem is that they should include how number 4 can be used in conjunction with dogs for hours of fun though.

H/T Doug Ross and his usually depressing Larwyn’s Linx (Of Doom).

Oh, how convenient!

Posted: November 28, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Liberal Fascism

And what a coincidence! The City of Richmond has decided to audit the Richmond Tea Party…the same Richmond Tea Party that has an easy case against the city for charging the Tea Partiers exorbitant protest permits that they waived for Occupy Richmond protesters.  Nope, no political retaliation here…none at all.


Barney Frank’s retiring and that means Maxine Waters is the ranking Dem (and ranking member) on the House Financial Services Committee.

What happened under Barney Frank’s tenure (when he was the ranking member from the majority party) was corrupt and venal, the damage that Maxine Waters could do with her ignorance, stupidity and malice will make what’s happened lately look like boom times.

I anxiously await her first press conference where she advocates for the death penalty for the CEOs of all banks while demanding they be replaced with minorities.

It’ll be like the worst parts of Mugabe crossed with the funniest parts of Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.

Castor Oil Makes It All Sound Sooooo Much Better

Posted: November 27, 2011 by Edward von Bear in Ask a Moron, Conservatism

Ugh. Is this medicine we should be taking?

Nominating Mitt Romney is sort of like taking Grandma’s castor oil. Republicans are dreading the thought of downing their unpleasant-tasting medicine but worry that sooner or later they will have to.

I ask you: now that the choices seem to be Castor Oil (hell of an endorsement there!) or Gingrich, is drinking heavily the best choice at the moment?

Forget Sparkly Teenage Vampires, Watch The Muppets Instead

Posted: November 27, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

Watched The Muppets, and yes, they’re back!  It was well done, classic Muppets, with a healthy mix of new stuff and nostalgia fueled goodness.  There were one or two bits that were a little weak, one in particular comes to mind, which I won’t go into detail on so not to be a spoiler, but there were several parts that were truly clever and more than made up for the weak bits.

I did enjoy the fact that in true Muppets fashion, they do break the fourth wall in the film.  Amy Adams was excellent and Jason Segel was quite good.  The cameos were great, it was fun to watch for them.  The eeeeevil Oil tycoon guy was generally entertaining, sorta straddles the line between playing the role seriously or as a goof on the hacky hollywood eeeevil tycoon.

It did need more of these guys, and they generally reflect my view of the film,

Who Says Murderous Dictators Can’t Be Funny?

Posted: November 26, 2011 by veeshir in HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Okay, that’s funny.

Now I wish I had eaten at a Nando’s when I lived near DC.

Via ninme, I still don’t know what a ninme is (something about catblogging I think) but at least I do know it’s not capitalized, so that’s something.

Real myths, improperly busted

Posted: November 25, 2011 by socklessjoe in Conservatism, Fun with Elections, Op/Sped

Michael Medved’s recent opinion piece in the WSJ is frustratingly wrong. He has busted several conservative myths he thinks are at the foundation of the argument against Mitt Romney, but then he replaces those myths with a few of his own delusions, and never considers that the case against Romney is a bit deeper than he supposes.

Yes, it’s a myth that conservatives stayed home in any substantial numbers just because John McCain was somewhat of a RINO. (That’s Myth #1.) And yes, it’s a myth that “conservatism always wins”. (Myth #3.) But Medved has fallen into the familiar trap of thinking that everything is about ideology. It isn’t.



but Giada De Laurentiis may have to step up her "show the cleavage" game.