So, orange it is then? (The Newt post)

Posted: November 13, 2011 by socklessjoe in Conservatism, Fun with Elections, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, Notes on the Revolution, Op/Sped

I have never been for Mitt Romney. Ok, at least not in this cycle. In 2008 I went to Romney when Fred Thompson dropped out, largely because I didn’t want McCain (-and surely not Huckabee).

But that was before ObamaCare, and before most of us got a good look at RomneyCare. So effing sue me… and Limbaugh and Levin and probably some others while you’re at it.

I started out this cycle supporting Tim Pawlenty. TPaw probably wishes he had stayed in the race right about now, but his dropping out was exactly the sort of indication that he really didn’t have it in him anyway. With Pawlenty out and Perry in, I was fairly committed to Perry.  I have not totally given up on Perry, mostly for lack of an alternative, but the torch I carry for him is nearly extinguished. I assumed that a guy who had been governor of a big state for such a long time was capable of speaking coherently on camera. To borrow a phrase, “Oops”.

Building on my earlier “Buckley rule” post, I think the task of applying the Buckley rule in this election is relatively difficult because there are a number of people who are right on the borderline of “electable”. I think Romney could probably beat Obama. I think Perry or Cain could arguably beat Obama, but either could just as easily flame out. (And besides, I am not a Cain fan.) I don’t think either Bachmann or Santorum would stand a chance against Obama. Jon Huntsman actually might, but has no chance of being the nominee. And then there’s that other guy who shall not be named for fear of flooding the blog with irrelevant comments, who is only being referenced obliquely for the sake of completeness. (Yes, perhaps even he could beat Obama. Maybe.)

So… Newt it is then? Maybe. Newt’s “skeletons” are pretty well known. Or at least his personal skeletons are known. The policy skeletons are a little scary though, and not as well explored.

If Romney’s big albatross is RomneyCare, isn’t it actually a bigger deal that Gingrich supported a Federal individual mandate back in the early 1990s? (Not to mention his support of Medicare Part-D?) Gingrich was still batting around the idea of an individual mandate in his May 2011 Meet the Press appearance. On health care, Gingrich is at least as bad as Romney. At least Romney can regurgitate his talking points about not wanting to impose a federal mandate, even if I don’t really believe him when he says it.

That’s the biggie. What else have we got?

Well, there’s his “consulting” for Freddie Mac, which may or may not pan out into anything. There’s also his “consulting” for the ethanol industry. Oh yeah, that reminds me – Newt has forayed into strikingly demagogic rhetoric about ethanol, and thinks E-15 is a no-brainer policy. And let’s not forget that Newt came out hard for Dede Scozzafava at a point when it was plainly obvious how bad a candidate she was. And yes, there’s his cooperation with Nancy Pelsoi on some glo-bull warmongering stuff, though he has since said he regrets having done that.

Almost everything that ArthurK at AoS-HQ said about Romney could be said of Newt as well. Newt would be a very competent technocrat, who we can only hope and pray would use his powers for good rather than evil. The “fatal conceit” criticism of Romney applies doubly to Newt, since, at least in my estimation, Newt is that much smarter and more confident in himself than Romney.

If pressed, I have to say I prefer Newt to Romney, but only just. While I disagree with many of the things Newt has said, done, and supported, I think he does those things mostly earnestly. I trust Newt I distrust Newt less than I distrust Romney on the matter of being generally grounded in conservative principles.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt my assessment of him that I think Newt would absolutely crush Obama in a debate.

I think I’m going to stick with Perry for the moment and see if he can’t pull out of this nosedive.  Otherwise, I guess orange Newt it is, then.

* (Post title is a reference to one of my favorite films, Brain Candy)

  1. alexthechick says:

    I wish to state my preference for Team Meteor. And oh how I wish I were joking.

  2. Veeshir says:

    At this point ,I’m giving Kodos a second look.

  3. Russ from Winterset says:

    Team Cluthulu?

  4. Loki says:

    Nah, C’thulu has sold out … he’s just another part of the establishment now.

    The Hastur/Shub Niggurath ticket is the new hotness.

  5. davisbr says:

    I think I’m going to stick with Perry for the moment and see if he can’t pull out of this nosedive. Otherwise, I guess orange Newt it is, then.

    Sigh. The exact same-tho’-reluctant conclusion I came to about 2-3 weeks ago. But my gawd. Newt’? That’s the best we got to offer? Aargh.

    …of minor note: my first comment from our home in Not In California Anymore. Yeah, we finally left. (I’ve never not lived in Cali’.) So far, it’s nice here; very pretty, and I found the weekend snow to be kind of nostalgically entertaining and cheerful (cold, of course …but I took the advice of a local and didn’t drive that day) …but unpacking is a bitch (26 ft Penske, Wrangler [on trailer behind truck] & Cherokee loaded to the max, and an 8 ft similarly loaded trailer behind the Cherokee …gawd I was envious of the moving pix Veesh’ took). Funny detail: four days to load the truck (after weeks of packing), and 4 hours (lucked onto two local teenagers the evening we arrived and an old buddy from a decade back happened to be in town) to unload. (The Wrangler was similar: a day to load, and about a half hour to unload.)

    • Sockless Joe says:

      Sigh. The exact same-tho’-reluctant conclusion I came to about 2-3 weeks ago. But my gawd. Newt’? That’s the best we got to offer? Aargh.

      I’ve been mulling it over for probably a week and a half. Still not exactly sold, as you can probably tell.

      Also, I left out the part about him criticizing the Ryan budget.

  6. veeshir says:

    Our choices are all sandwiches with some amount of shit in them, each of us just has to decide what’s not that important to us to make our decision.

    I liked Perry but his immigration deal is bad, very bad. I could ignore that but he’s screwed up too much in the debates. If he had been barely competent he would have a commanding lead right now.

    I liked Newt in the 90s, most of what Clinton “accomplished” was actually done by Newt. Welfare reform, for instance, was all Congress. Clinton wanted to veto but he would have been over-ruled so he didn’t.

    The last few years have kind of soured me on Newt, but at least he admitted the whole “Nancy and I are great friends” bit was too much.

    Maybe he doesn’t believe that, but at least he’s willing to pretend to kiss my ass.

    I’d like to believe in Cain but I just don’t know. He has the worst political instincts and keeps screwing up stuff that should be slam dunks. Like Minitrue’s attack on him with nebulous charges. He flailed around when he could have handled that much better.

    I would have liked Gary Johnson, but the GOP and the Dems have made sure he can’t be heard because he makes sense.

    So we’re down to a shit sandwich or a sandwich with shit in it.

    Newt’s biggest plus is that he’s be a lot better than Obama.
    I just don’t see Romney as being all that much better. He’ll just try to “fix” what Obama’s been trying to do, I’m hoping Newt will roll it back.

    • This is the same conclusion I have come to, except that Obama and the Dems have put together this Dagwood crap sandwich and the politicians are the condiments, so I have to decide what condiments I want on my sandwich and if I have to eat one I want to make sure that if I have to choke down this load of crap, they better be the ones I want, since I am going to have to eat crap no matter what…..

  7. davisbr says:

    Newt’s biggest plus is that he’s be a lot better than Obama.

    Heh. The phrase “damning with faint praise” springs to mind.

  8. davisbr says:

    PS – Full disclosure: at this point, I’m hoping for some kind of hung convention (tie? dead-heat?), where no candidate backs down, and no announced candidate can win, and hence the delegates are released to vote for whom-ever, and SP is introduced as a candidate (and wins the nomination).

    Obviously, I’m not a big fan of the current primary model.

    No. I don’t have a replacement model in mind (I just recognize that both the GOP & Dem’ processes suck).

    And yeah: I’m a fantasizing starry-eyed unapologetic romantic [FSEUR].

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