Gotta Love Her

Posted: November 19, 2011 by veeshir in Anklebiting rugrats, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Occupy My Asscrack, Win!

It’s funny how two people can look at the same thing and have the opposite reaction.

This OUTRAGED!!!!!! article at San Francisco Weekly is titled “Seven Awful Things Ann Coulter Said About Occupy Wall Street”

So what did she say?

1. “I knew there would be mob uprisings again. They are demonic.”

Eh, I don’t know about demonic, more like childish but I see her point.

2. “What I like most about them is that they have no point.”

She broke the 1st commandment of leftism, never tell the truth about leftists or accurately quote them.

3. “At the protest in Tel Aviv in Israel, they set up guillotines in the square. And you have the computer-generated voice speaking on behalf of Occupy Wall Street saying ‘The voice of the people is anonymous. We are legion, for we are many’ – directly from the demon in scripture.”

Still fixated on demons, I think that’s giving them far too much credit.

4. “I guess it’s fun to destroy stuff. As they found out during the French Revolution, it’s lots of fun to just start randomly murdering people – this is the way it always is with mobs.”

Again with the breaking the first commandment.

5. “Maybe it will take down a government, but it will be Obama’s government.”

Hope for change.

6. “Remember the lesson from my book: It just took a few shootings at Kent State to shut that down for good.”

Okay, that’s funny but she broke the second commandment of leftism, have no sense of humor that doesn’t involve sodomizing conservatives or their children.

7. After Sussman declared that he wished that the arrested Bank of America occupiers had been thrown in with the general population of prisoners, and then admitted that he did not know whether or not they had, Coulter compared the “special treatment” the protesters receive at the hands of police to that of French aristocrats who brought along servants when imprisoned. NOTE: This is too stupid to transcribe.

I think there’s a mistake in the “NOTE”, I think it should read: NOTE: “We’re too stupid to transcribe”.

With Cheney out of circulation and Sarah Palin not really talking all that much Ann’s just filling “Lefty tools need to be OUTRAGED!!!!!!” vacuum.

You have to love the conclusion of the article

This proves yet again that outrage is easier than comedy.

For nitwit leftists, that’s just a truism, see second commandment comment above.

For anybody not an angry, hate-filled partisan? Not so much.

Saw it at Tim Blair’s Occutard Roundup.

  1. Medium Sized Jake says:

    Her latest book is “Demonic” – compares mobs to demons for a couple hundred pages. That’s why the hang-up on demons.

  2. veeshir says:

    I still think calling them demons is giving them too much credit.

    They’re more like the fallen version of cherubim.

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