Former sheriff detained in detention center named after him

Posted: November 30, 2011 by doubleplusundead in WTF Is Wrong With Colorado

The former sheriff of Arapaho County, Pat Sullivan…dude was offering meth for…

Apparently this was one of those well known rumors among police officers in the county.  Police also raided his computer, found mountains of ghey porn, all of which were adults, but it sounds like he’s been doing this sort of thing extensively, and police are looking heavily into whether he’s been involved with minors.

Question: What is it with closet cases and meth in Colorado?

He’s also apparently an anti-2nd douche, so my sympathy for the guy is zero.

  1. Goober says:

    What is it with the assumption that because he liked dudes that he is probably also a kiddy diddler?

    • alexthechick says:

      Hell if I know. I will say that the whole trade sex for meth thing tends to increase the odds that he wasn’t too discriminating as to who he was diddling.

      • doubleplusundead says:

        Yeah, I wouldn’t have assumed had they not made it very clear in the article that police were concerned about the possibility.

  2. aliceaitch says:

    It’s been rumored for a LONG time that Sullivan was a pedophile. This is going to (rightfully so) get nasty – he shouldn’t have been in office as long as he was, or honored the way he was.

  3. Perfect owl pic. Just perfect.

    Being a non-closeted heterosexual male I can only go on hearsay, but ecstasy and meth seem to be pretty big on the open circuit, period, regardless of closet status. We’re talking the high-risk group, of course (neither subset of society seems to have a firm grasp on statistics or “acceptable risk/reward ratios”).

    aliceteach, I don’t mean this to sound like an odd question, but where is the repository for rumors like this? That must be a seriously strange thing to sift through. 🙂

    If he IS a ped, they should release him into gen pop.

    • aliceaitch says:

      It’s local gossip. I wouldn’t know about the same thing if it were happening in PA, except that Joe and Alex and DPUD would all be whispering about it.

      • Lemur King says:

        Ah ha. I see.

        Wasn’t sure if I was missing out on some hidden wellspring of oddity somewhere.

        As alexthechick says, the drugs don’t exactly do a lot for one’s common sense so I imagine this guy has been breaking bad for a while and is now completely off the rails.

  4. Garg…. how twisted. And I thought soap operas were made up.

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