An Ode To a Football Player

Posted: December 2, 2011 by veeshir in Hotassery, Win!

title changed from “An Ode On a Football Player7/15/14, it’s annoyed me since about 5 minutes after I hit “post”.


I’ve been wanting to write this since Sunday.

On Sunday, the Giants got their asses handed to them by the New Orleans Saints. It was very depressing. There was much rending of clothes and kicking of dogs, but there was one high point.

One thing I like about the Giants is that they don’t take many loud-mouthed, douche-tool players. They would never take Deion Sanders or Terrel Owens. I didn’t like Shockey, sure he’s a good player, but he’s a loudmouthed jerk who cost the Giants at least 15 yards a game with his antics.

I’m a little embarrassed that the first player to spike the ball (in effect, the guy who started the whole “I did a good thing” dance craze) was a NY Giant. Sigh.

But on Sunday we saw class.

Victor Cruz, playing in his first season, does a little salsa dance whenever he scores. I don’t like it, but eh, it’s almost de rigeur to do something when you score and he does do his dance an awful lot cuz he scores a lot (he’s on my fantasy team, the only high point for my team).

But on Sunday, he scored twice with the Giants down big and didn’t do his dance.

That’s right, even though he scored he knew that it was selfish and classless to act all happy since his team was getting crushed.  He might be the only player in the league with that kind of class.

Good for him. For that, Victor Cruz gets Veeshir’s coveted, Player with Class Award.

My favorite was one game where one team was getting crushed, I forget the teams. One of the losing team’s players did something good, a sack maybe, and the tool started doing his dance.  A player on the other team walked up, tapped him on the shoulder, pointed at the scoreboard and walked away. That made me laugh.

Saying that, I hope Cruz dances up a storm this weekend, because that means the Giants are not getting their asses kicked by Green Bay.

And since it’s been a long time, some hotassery below the fold.

First, a victim of a vampire

And next, a vampire,Geena Davis when she was hot and not so angry and hate-filled.

And one more of Geena when she was still hot, from Earthgirl’s Are Easy,cuz.

It’s two posts in one!


  1. Amy Yasbeck is way prettier than Geena Davis.

    Oh, and it is classy to not dance like a fool on the field when you are horribly down. Very nice to know there are players like that.

    • Shayne says:

      Way prettier? Amy Yasbeck is pretty, no doubt. She may even be prettier than Geena Davis (I don’t think so). But she certainly isn’t “way prettier” than her.

      I agree tat was a classy move by Cruz, who is turning into one heck of a receiver. But the Giants are falling behind the pack and if they lose to the Cowboys in 2 weeks, it’s all but over for them – assuming Dallas beats Arizona and Green Bay beats the Giants. Both are likely scenarios.

      Told ya so!

      • Veeshir says:

        My only consolation is that if they make, they deserve to be there. They still have their own fate in their own hands. They don’t need any ‘help’. They need to sweep the Cowboys and only lose one game. With Boley playing maybe the D will do their impression of a professional football team.

  2. Jeff M says:

    Hey, Victor Cruz is on my team too. He helped me lock up the playoff slot last week. Sweet.

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