December Revolution?

Posted: December 8, 2011 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution

I wonder what the hell is going to happen in Russia this month.

Putin, second rate Bond villain with delusions of Tsarism, tried to fix the elections blatantly and obviously and failed miserably.

He went all thug on the election monitors beforehand and, I assume, didn’t think Russians would have a problem with that. He’s done it before, why should they have a problem this time?

He was wrong and now he’s going all thug on Teh Peepul.

Helicopters hovered in the skies over Moscow, while the police presence on the streets of the Russian capital remained strong following two protests that led to hundreds of people arrested.

Wow. They’re claiming the protests will get even bigger.

People living in thuggish dictatorships have seen all the ‘successful’ revolutions around the world where the last crew of dictators have been thrown out (our fine media betters have downplayed how the new sets of thugs are probably going to be worse) and they want in on the act.

But what happens if they get too frisky? Does Putin go all thuggish dictator and start killing protestors? Can he win if he does? Does his gov’t fall and then some other dictator takes over? Does it all fall apart with the SSRs going their own way and China gobbling up the east around Vladivostok? Can the next thug keep it together?

I’m not very optimistic that they’ll actually get a democratic republic with rule of law. They had their best chance at that 20 years ago and 10-15 years ago they allowed Putin to put paid to that idea.

Russia and the SSRs it still has have always been ruled by thuggish dictators, they have no experience with anything else. Chechnya was making a go of it 10 years ago when Putin started his war and now Chechnya will either be an SSR or an Islamic dictatorship, all the democrats are dead or fled. Bush deserves some blame for that, he really pissed me off back then.

I don’t think it’ll be pretty no matter what happens.

The endy is getting a lot less funny these days.

Eh, at least we have the best possible administration in case the worst happens.

Did I say that last with a straight face? I’ve been practicing is why I ask.

H/T The Puppy Blender.

  1. I don’t think they want a democracy. I think they want Socialism/Communism, but when Putin failed to deliver as promised in either direction, and instead decided to become a rich dictator, they didn’t want it from him.

    They will welcome a new thug. One who looks like he’s more of the people than Putin does.

  2. Mitchell says:

    The Endy is here. Europe’s financial crisis is going to wipe us all out. The final domino may very well fall tomorrow. The situation is so much worse than I imagined: Global Financial Apocalypse.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  3. Mitchell says:

    Shit I screwed up the link. HERE.

    • veeshir says:

      It’s been kind of horrible to watch. I mean, watching it grow for years, knowing that we’re all screwed while watching our political and intellectual betters try to paper over the debacle and put it off for another day and pretend it not as bad as it is while viciously attacking the ones who have been warning them. (Saying “I told you so” isn’t going to be all that helpful, but it’s all we’ll have)

      The only suspense is how horrible it’s going to be and what exactly is going to happen.

      Germany is getting frisky, Russia is boned, China is getting frisky and the people who have been counting on us to be a hedge against them in the South China Sea, SoKo, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam (how funny is that?) are left on their own or counting on Obama (?!?!?! Good luck with that), the Middle East blowing up and South America going commie.

      I really think there are going to be a bunch of wars that are going to be all over the world. Will Germany try to take over Europe? Will Russia just go crazy in civil wars? Will China go west or south and east? Will the middle east just go up in multiple mushroom clouds? For that matter, will eastern Europe (courtesy Russia) and Asia also go up in mushroom clouds? Will Lord Humongous rule the wastelands?

      The other question is what’s going to happen to us. The current admin is useless and clueless. Instead of trying to ameliorate things, they’ll spend all their time trying to keep the blame off of them (by blaming Bush and the Tea Party of course) as things just keep getting worse. Will we have a civil war as the “red” states try to keep their stuff to survive while the blue states try to take from everybody else to try to survive? How screwed will New Hampshire be, surrounded by blue? Will Nevada nuke the San Andreas fault to finally “fix” California?

      Yup. It’s going to be ugly, but at least we had the 08 election and Vice President Joe Biden.

  4. veeshir says:

    One more data point, people have been buying lots and lots of gold.

    Or rather, they’ve been buying “gold” that someone else has.

    I’d guess that a lot of the gold that people “have” that they don’t have in their own hands is just paper.
    What happens when all those people want their physical gold and it’s just not there?

    That’s going to be very fucking ugly as people think they own something when all they own is a piece of paper that says they own gold. Which gold doesn’t even exist.

    Much of the gold market is based on the bet that most of the owners won’t want the physical assets but will accept that it’s somewhere..

    When that bet fails, what happens then? To quote Minerva Mayflower, “Markets will crash-crash. Financial empires will crumble-crumble”.

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