Tactical fountain pen

Posted: December 26, 2011 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

Why have I not heard of such a creature’s existence?  Not that I’d buy one, I’m not big on the tacticool stuff, but I should have heard of this pen at least.  And yes, my Pelikan M1000 looks big enough to bludgeon someone to death, but I wouldn’t try it.  My SOG Twitch II will have to suffice for hand-to-hand.

I have read that there’s no cartridge converter, which is a big minus for me, as I like mah purty colors and bottles of ink.  Yes you can do a syringe fill on cartridges, but meh, meh I say!  I wonder if there’s a cartridge converter available for them.


  1. I have heard of one but I will have to ask a co-worker who is much more in tune with the world of quality pens than I where he saw it.

  2. veeshir says:

    That’s not tacticool, that’s tacticool.

    That has to be a joke, the pic is hilarious and there’s just too many touches that a little over the top.

    Tactical Bottle Opener (Side Mounted)
    * Tactical Cigarette Lighter (Rear Mounted)

    And what he wants to trade for it
    Will trade for a two-year guaranteed membership at a fitness center with a personal trainer and/or private exercise coach and diet program guaranteed for losing 300 pounds.

    Has to be a joke. I’m thinking the Mall Ninja strikes again.

  3. see-dubya says:

    I’ve got a tactical ballpoint pen I carry pretty much every day. It writes real good. Bought it at the NRA museum. I can even carry it on planes, so far…

    • doubleplusundead says:

      Yeah, but I like fountain pens far better. If I wanted the most tacticool lookin’ pen it’d be a ballpoint with a glassbreaker and takes Fisher Space Pen cartridges.

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