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At least 3 bishops have stated they’ll fight against the abortion/contraception mandate in Obamacare while other bishops are speaking out against it. They’re fighting it in court.

It seems to me they have to win. The United States has a long history of not forcing religions to do things against their religious beliefs and that’s a biggie.

Good, Ee’ dplebnista have to put our foot down and say, “Enough” and stop the slide into the leftist regime of peace, love and doing what you’re told.

The Constitution means something, it’s one of the most beautiful documents and guarantors of freedom ever, we need to get back to using it.

The Catholic Church has the numbers, money and power to stop this particular bit of overreach and tyranny.

Good for them. I’m rooting for them.

Via Weasel Zippers, who really need to change their tagline or link here or H2 to prove it.

Update: I had forgotten about this post on a blog nobody reads.

the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Association of Evangelicals and the Salvation Army. …basically stating that any cuts or changes to federal welfare programs are unacceptable.

I’m thinking that counts towards Funniest End Of Civilization Ever status.

Hoist on your own retard makes me laugh.

The onslaught against Apple continues

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This is the price for being number one I guess – Over the weekend Business Insider, The Telegraph, and CBS News all ran stories attacking Apple.  Business Insider and the Telegraph attacked Apple’s culture of secrecy and cult-like work environment:

Instead, a dictatorial CEO rules with an iron fist, Mr Lashinsky said. Employees don’t ask questions and they leave their egos at the door. There is only one person who was allowed to have a public ego and that was Steve Jobs, he said.

“Jobs’s brutality in dealing with subordinates legitimised a frighteningly harsh, bullying, and demanding culture at Apple. Under Jobs a culture of fear and intimidation found roots throughout the organisation,” Mr Lashinsky wrote.

For a company so revered for its innovation, the neutering of entrepreneurial spirit might seem counterproductive, but Apple’s draconian treatment of its workforce is actually part of its formula for success, Mr Lashinsky explained. It creates a loyal ethos among the staff, protecting the products.

Tim Cook once said: "That’s part of the magic of Apple. And I don’t want to let anybody know our magic because I don’t want anybody copying it."

  Meanwhile at CBS conditions at Foxconn are examined again:

Daisey went to Shenzhen. Foxconn wouldn’t let him in, so he stood outside the main gate with his translator, talking to workers at shift change.

"In my first two hours of my first day at that gate, I met workers who are 14 years old," Daisey said. "I met workers who were 13 years old. I met workers who were 12. Do you really think Apple doesn’t know?"

"The official work day in China is eight hours long. That’s a joke," Daisey said in his performance. "I never met anyone who’d even heard of an eight-hour shift. Everyone I talked to worked 12-hour shifts, standard, and often much longer than that: 14 hours a day, 15 hours a day. Sometimes longer than that. While I am in country, a worker at Foxconn dies after working a 34-hour shift."

On January 13, for the first time Apple released a list of its major suppliers, and with it its annual supplier responsibility report, showing that in 2011 it conducted 80 percent more audits than in 2010.

The company’s supplier code of conduct limits workers to a 60-hour/6-day week. By Apple’s own data, only 38 percent of its suppliers complied.

Again I am presenting this without much comment – You have to make up your own mind on how you feel about the way Apple does business and whether you want to do business with them.  I am just pointing out what, at this point, seems like a coordinated attack.

I’m not a climatologist, I just make fun of our current crop of global warmmongers, but I’ve been looking at sunspot data for the last 5-8 years to see what the Sun was doing and how it affected our planet. (Earth)

A couple years ago I predicted that by 2012 global warmmongers would be screeching about the coming ice age just in time for the Sun to start start up again. Now, I admit I figured Gorequemada would be on the bandwagon, but the year is young, so I’m calling this a qualified Win!

Here we have the UN admitting that the globe hasn’t warmed over the last 15 years and formerly global warmmongering ‘scientists” (the Met) saying we’re heading for the coming ice age.

For many years the sun looked like this

Now it looks like this

In other words, just in time for the Sun to start warming the Earth again, global warmmongering “scientists” will start screeching about teh Coming Ice Age That’s GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!!!!!!!

The Funniest End of Civlization Ever Strikes Again!

Look for article after article explaining that the Coming Ice Age That’s GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!!!!!!! is caused by too much carbon in the atmosphere so we need to reduce our standard of living to stop it.

Now matter the problem, today’s compassionate lefties want us to lower our standard of living, just like the ascetic monks who are their spiritual fathers.

An artist’s representation:

Medicinal Grade Bacon

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Compare and Contrast, 28 January 2012 Edition

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Oakland, CA

And what I saw in St. Louis, MO today.

And this:

I could go on, but you get the point.


Yeah, there really is notafuckingthing going on

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I’m seriously sitting here just looking for something interesting to post about, and there’s notafuckingthing.

Some people are Beatles people, some people are Stones people…I’m a Stones person,


Also, I got a nice pair of boat shoes (good sale, what can I say?)…these motherfuckers are seriously comfy, how did I live this long without a pair?  I went with the Sebago Docksides since shoebuy didn’t have any Sperry Topsiders in colors I liked during the sale (at least in 16s.)  I may pick up a pair of Topsiders in the future, since they are the OG of boat shoes.  And yes, the Sebagos are white soled, as boat shoes should be.

Now Bob Dole is putting down Newt to go along with McCain endorsing Romney.

This election isn’t nearly so funny as 08, but it has its moments.


OD’d on Whip-its?

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Apparently Demi Moore may have been inhaling nitrous from whip-its and was hospitalized after a seizure-like episode.

CBS is calling them Whippets,

Demi Moore is apparently addicted to small, agile sighthounds.

And who can blame her?  They’re a neat dog.  If I were going to get a dog, I’d seriously consider a Whippet.

Some things must be done…

Devo did more than Whip It, now is your opportunity to listen to more Devo.

Go listen to more Devo.

Hopefully Demi will get over her addiction…but dude, Whip-its?  She’s got enough money to buy half the cocaine in Colombia, gallons of the finest drink on earth, and she picks fucking aerosols?  WTF?

Also, Patrick Tribett just emailed me,

“Fucking Amateurs…”


This is one of the few roles I actually like Steve Martin in.  I also love Little Shop of Horrors, but I think they should have kept the original ending from the Broadway show.  Also, this is one of my favorite movie scenes EVER, supposedly Bill Murray improv’d all his lines on the first take.

Via the Puppy Blender we see this campaign, spend a $2 bill on 2/14 at Starbucks as an “atta boy” for their stand on gun control (agin).

When $2 bills came out you were supposed to go to the post office and have them stamped with that day. I have a couple with the stamps, but for some reason my mother stuck a bunch of brand new, unstamped, ones in the envelope with those stamped ones. I only found this out a few months ago. Since those $2 bill are worth less than when they were new, I figure I might as well spend them on something.

Now I just have to find a Starbucks. I never go because their coffee tastes burned to me and they don’t have skim milk for my cappuccino.

Does anybody if there are any in Arizona? If so, where might it be?

And what gun goes with coffee? I’m figuring

It’s classy yet understated.


Since I don’t have a holster for that, I’m leaning toward this instead. It kind of looks like coffee

A GP-100 with Pau Ferro grips.

Energy Efficient Window Hippie vs. Prius Hippie

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Do I even need to mention this is in California, or would that be redundant?  Anyway,