Ambulance crew breaks down in downtown Baghd…Detroit

Posted: January 5, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Liberal FAIL

How bad is Detroit?  Check out the video in that link, a Detroit ambulance crew has a major breakdown on New Year’s Eve, you can hear tons of shooting…not unlike Baghdad during festivities.  It took the city of Detroit over an hour to rescue these guys.  It really is like its own little 3rd world country.

  1. “like”???

    Oh, no, not like…. try “is”.

    If you have ever been on the wrong side around 2am and seen lots of guys just come out of thin air towards you know it is a screwball place.

  2. I say wall it in and charge admission. To Michigan.

  3. I’m more along the lines of walling it in, and filling it up with water.

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