I Am Spartacus!

Posted: January 21, 2012 by veeshir in The Big Screen

The Spartacus sequel started last night, not on Starz but on channel 101 on DirecTV, since we get almost as many hits for “Spartacus sequel” as we do for “sloppy vagina”, I should probably review it.

It’s hard to say what a show will be like but so far it’s good. better than the “prequel”. It draws you in and gets you all worked up, just like the first season.They’re in hiding right now, with the Romans sending larger and largers groups to get them.

I like the show because, aside from the damn “thumbs up/thumbs’ down” deal, it’s pretty accurate both about Roman Republic life in general and what happened with Spartacus in particular. I’m not enamoured of the ‘300’ style of filming fights, but it’s not too annoying.

The only jarring point is the new Spartacus. Andy Whitfield, the guy who played Spartacus, died from non-Hodgkins lymphoma (for those who don’t know). I rewatched the first season and I still think he was fantastic, except for the final speech which seemed kind of forced.

So they had to get a new Spartacus and you have to keep remembering, “Oh yeah, that’s Spartacus”.

So far I like him too. He has the same sort of attitude as the Whitfield’s Spartacus, which I like. The “brooding barbarian warlord” works for a guy who’s trying to “Make Rome Tremble” for the enslavement and death of his woman.

The cast list has Gannicus from the prequel even though we haven’t seen him yet, which I like. He was cool. You need the “devil may care” type for any good rebellion/slave revolt and they don’t have one. Crixus, Spartacus and Oenomaus just don’t have that flair.

The point, 4 stars so far. Hopefully they keep it going.

And since I’m writing about Spartacus, let’s see one of the best reasons to watch

mmmmmm, hot slave chick.

You’re going to have to count on Alice updating this if you wants bipartizans pics, I doesn’t do that. There’s plenty of eye-candy for that, not the “Twilight”, androgynous, sparkly effemes, these are the type Capt. Oveur showed Joey after the flight.


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