Joo-hating firebomber might just be a Ron Paul supporter

Posted: January 24, 2012 by aliceaitch in Paultardia, What the fuck did they blow up now?

Edited to move this to the top, as they deserve more recognition than a footnote: (BTW – this post is all the fault of the Stop Ron Paul 2012 Facebook group.)

Stupid question time…does this guy, identified by Fox News as Anthony Graziano of Lodi, NJ:

Look like this guy?

(I apologize for the eye-bleeding graphics – apparently Anthony Graziano’s taste in art is as stellar as his taste in politicians.)

That photo was screencapped from this Facebook page.  Sure, there are probably a million billion Anthony Grazianos on Facebook, but the similarity is rather startling.  Or am I suffering from a moment of “All those Eye-talians look alike to this poor redneck”?  The 201 area code is New Jersey, the 982 prefix is for Hackensack, which is 9 minutes from Lodi – certainly close enough to be a mailing address mixup.

That same Facebook page has the following postings on its Wall:

and this…

Oh yeah, and this….

So…is this the same guy?  I’m not 100% certain, but I’m fairly convinced.  The only thing that’s holding me back is that there apparently are two “Decisive Images” photography companies, one owned by father Anthony P. Graziano, one owned by son Anthony M. Graziano.  It’s within the realm of possibility, I suppose, that Daddy is the Paultard.  In which case, I think the son might be able to plead an abusive childhood devoid of any moral guidance and support.


  1. […] Jan. 3 firebombing of a synagogue in Paramus. He was being held on $5 million bail. See it here. Or Here. If Paul is the nominee, we will push for Paul, but we believe he is the worst disaster out of all […]

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