Via the Puppy Blender we see this campaign, spend a $2 bill on 2/14 at Starbucks as an “atta boy” for their stand on gun control (agin).

When $2 bills came out you were supposed to go to the post office and have them stamped with that day. I have a couple with the stamps, but for some reason my mother stuck a bunch of brand new, unstamped, ones in the envelope with those stamped ones. I only found this out a few months ago. Since those $2 bill are worth less than when they were new, I figure I might as well spend them on something.

Now I just have to find a Starbucks. I never go because their coffee tastes burned to me and they don’t have skim milk for my cappuccino.

Does anybody if there are any in Arizona? If so, where might it be?

And what gun goes with coffee? I’m figuring

It’s classy yet understated.


Since I don’t have a holster for that, I’m leaning toward this instead. It kind of looks like coffee

A GP-100 with Pau Ferro grips.

  1. doubleplusundead says:

    That’s even more understated than my 6″ 686P.

    • veeshir says:

      See update. The only holster I have for the Wildey is for a webbing belt that I never, ever wear. I’m saving it for after the fall, and then it’s for my .500 S&W. You know, in case there’s a herd of rhinos coming right for me.

      • doubleplusundead says:

        The GP100s are nice guns, but the profile of them just never did it for me, which is why I have the S&W.

        • veeshir says:

          My first handgun was a GP-100 I bought from a friend when he was broke. I got a Winchester 94ae in .357mag to go with it. Then he got back to work and I sold it back so I got the GP-100 to replace it, he had a longer barrel, I wanted a shorter barrel for that gun.

          I prefer S&W for the trigger. I really like them, but I like that Ruger for the shorter barrel. I just like the looks of it better with short barrel.
          My buddy has a trio of S&Ws, a 686, a 629 and a .500, they look very nice on his “Bert Gummer” wall.

  2. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    Replace the the Pau Ferro grips with grips made of spalted Gmelia burl, it’ll have that fuckin’ “a” right I mean business message and say it with class.

  3. […] Thanks to veeshir’s post  – not that I read his blog, because we’re boycotting each other’s sites in a seriously hurtin’ way – I was told indirectly by this friend who knows this guy who has a barber who knows this guy’s girlfriend whose hairdresser knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy’s sister’s poodle’s hairdresser’s boyfriend who stumbled upon doubleplusundead, and so that is how I have this link. […]

  4. […] Don’t forget, today is “Buy a crappy coffee to support Starbucks for their stand on armed citizens” Day. […]

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