Operation Poke Them With A Stick

Posted: February 2, 2012 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution

Heh, commenter darkstar at the Emperor’s site has an interesting idea.

Although, if there is someone on the ticket, I still think our votes would be best served going to whoever is under the Green Party flag. If they get 5%, they get Fed help for future elections and splitting the Dem ticket for years to come is a chance I cant pass up if forced to choose between “Them (Obama) and Them (Romney)”                                                                  …

No, getting the “Green Party” Fed recognition will ensure the Democrat vote is split in the future (making it easier for Republicans or Tea Party-like candidates running under a Republican Nomination to get elected)

If the “Libertarian Party” were to gain Fed Recognition it would hurt the GOP/TeaParty and mean much more Democrat Control moving forward.

If the asteroid doesn’t hit (I like the idea of an asteroid more than a meteor, this isn’t to say I’m against team meteor, I just like the idea of an asteroid more. It sounds more……colonoscopic) I think that’s an interesting idea. If it’s Romney, I had been thinking of writing in Gus Hall or voting Libertarian, but the Green idea makes a lot of sense. In a hilariously tragic sort of way.

As I’ve said before, Romney is not even thinking about rolling back what Obama’s done, he just wants to “fix” it, and a GOP Congress will not fight a GOP president nearly as much as they’ll fight a Dem president, by defunding the EPA or going after Justice, for instance.

Further, if a president is going to destroy the country, I’d prefer he had a (D) after his name so as not to destroy the GOP.

Maybe sooner or later we’ll actually get a conservative to run for office.


Via Ace we find out that voting Green might be a vote for Roseanne!

Okay, that makes it hilariously wrong.


  1. davisbr says:

    Maybe sooner or later or never we’ll actually get a conservative to run for office.


  2. davisbr says:

    …yeah, I wasn’t sure the tag would work, and didn’t want to ruin such a dork awesome-ly brilliant joke-line.

  3. Mob says:

    I’m making it official.

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