Alas Poor EUnik, I Knew Him Horatio

Posted: February 9, 2012 by veeshir in FAIL Britannia!, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Watching ESPN I found out that the coach of the Brit soccer team resigned because one of his players was stripped of his captaincy because he’s on trial for a racial remark. So I wanted to find out what it was about.

Apparently, the player has been accused of saying this to another player during a game, “********** ******** *********”. Seriously, it wasn’t enough that he said, “*******”, but then he had to go add, “*********” and even “*********”.

Unbelievabile. I mean, how can we allow such a person to live? Why, next he might even say, “**********” or even (gasp!) “*************”!!!!!!!

It must suck living under Engsoc, especially if you don’t have the newest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.

  1. That’s pretty ********* insulting and ********** threatening, even if he didn’t add “**** my ****”. If you are going to be stripped of captaincy before being found guilty wouldn’t you almost want to be guilty of it for all that trouble?

  2. You know what I find funny?

    The term “black” can’t be used, but neither can “African-American”, for obvious reasons, and they do not have a hyphenated substitute for it. They are trying to eradicate all colors but white. Being white is now a crime.

    Also, the “C” word, which is the word I assume he used, doesn’t mean the same thing as it does here.

    Seems to me that Ferdinand dude is whinging.

  3. MikeD says:

    “Ferdinand, who told officers he did not hear the alleged comments, is expected to give evidence during the trial.”

    Prosecutor: “So, Mr. Ferdinand, did you hear him call you a ********* ****?”
    Ferdinand: “No, I did not.”
    Prosecutor: “… But he DID call you a ********* ****?”
    Ferdinand: “That’s what they tell me.”

    Seriously? He didn’t hear it, but is expected to give evidence? Evidence of what exactly? Everything he didn’t hear?

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