Round The Tubes: Sick As a Dog/ Well Duh Edition

Posted: February 14, 2012 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

I’ve been pretty sick for a week or so, a friend has pneumonia and I accidentally drank out of her water glass just as she was getting it. I don’t think I have pneumonia, but it’s close. It didn’t help that I moved in the first two days of getting sick instead of staying in bed. So I haven’t felt like thinking, much less blogging.

On to the ‘tubes!

Jim Treacher’s 10 favorite parts of the Media Matters are shills for the White House story. Pretty funny. I’d have to say, those are my favorite 10 parts too. And utterly unsurprising. Journolist and townhouse didn’t go away, they just went as far underground as they could.

As soon as I saw the headlines about “Media Matters colludes with White House” stories, I knew Politico was involved. Lo and behold: Politico knew about it and pretended they didn’t. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!/Jim Nabors.

Another Well Duh story. Remember Obama’s comments about how he was the only one keeping the pitchforks at bay? Well, his little tool Anita Dunn was apparently the bagman for that protection racket. Who coulda seen that coming?You know, except everybody paying attention to the Chicago Machine politics emanating from DC.

Another story that puts together a whole bunch of the daily outrages from this administration that’s just depressing to read. We’ll be generations recovering from this asshole (barring SMOD’s arrival).

Don’t forget, today is “Buy a crappy coffee to support Starbucks for their stand on armed citizens” Day.

Some links are puppy blender links, some are stuff I found at the source, not sure where I found the one about Obama’s outrages.

In keeping with the WE’RE DOOMED!!!!!!! aspects of this post, a little Satanico Pandemonium


  1. Don’t know who the chick in the bikini is…but dammit I want one!!!!
    Hope your feeling better soon, been there, done that…had a tooth impact on me once which led to a sinus infection which led to pneumonia which led to an unexpected inpatient stay at my local hospital….
    Get Well….the site can wait a while, your health however, cannot!

    If you were just a lil older the administration would deem you ‘unviable’ and we ALL know what that means….solyent green factory for ya! LOL Hope your feeling better soon….

  2. And Veeshir, I do hope this makes you feel a bit better, dear:

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