Quick Reminder: Chuck Adkins is an Asshat

Posted: February 23, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

The latest compilation of Chucktard’s Greatest Hits, and I’ll add a screencap of him making a vague threat to Stace McCain on Twitter,

Yeah, he promises.  Probably one of the rare promises Chucktard can keep, unless he picked up some POS Jennings or Raven at some point.  But I really fucking doubt it.

BTW, if anyone out there is looking Chucktard now offers hosting services under KJVHosting.

I dunno, when I think hosting services, I think of people who make violent threats, violate people’s privacy by posting their personal information, engage in relentlessly harassing behavior over minor disagreements, been unemployed for nearly a decade, trying to trick people into giving him money, saying vile shit to you after suffering a personal tragedy, engaging in racist and anti-Semitic outbursts when angered, and of course being affiliated with a neo-Nazi message board.  Yeah, sign me up for that!

You’re welcome for that mental image.

In case anyone doubted KJVHosting is Chucktard’s project.  Professional, huh?

Okay, leaving you with that mental image with no brain bleach is just cruel, so here’s some good stuff,

One of my favorite cars ever, a ’36 Packard Super Eight Phaeton.

  1. Thanks for linking and helping to get the word out, and thank you for having such great archives to help me get the scoop on Mr. Poop in the first place. I knew he was messed up, but until a few days ago, I had no idea just how bad it was. This is how he is able to keep wreaking havoc, because when he resurfaces with a new alias, newer bloggers (like me), and Bloggers who’ve been around but don’t make the connection immediately, may not be aware of his history right away, and only find out when it’s too late!

  2. aliceaitch says:

    Wasn’t Stacy McCain one of the last few people who’d been linking him (up until whenever it was that you called him on it)? Way to prove a fella right…

  3. Him AND Mickey Mooreon.

    My home state gives me so damn much to be proud of.

  4. He’s also making death threats to Stacy from his little blog. Here’s the Google cache of the post, because I won’t link directly to the freak:

  5. I updated my post to reflect what you discovered in his Twitter feeds, with a H/T to you.
    What would possess a person to think it’s a good idea to tell everyone that you have diarrhea?
    He’s so freaking gross.

  6. He’s up to his usual garbage again, preying on people who are not yet aware of his history, like he always does. And when he gets exposed in a big way again, I’m sure he’ll just come back with yet another new name and do the same ugly dance.
    I haven’t gotten around to blogging a new warning yet, but here are links to someone who did:



  7. […] tried to warn people about “Patrick” earlier this year: iOwnTheWorld, American Power, doubleplusundead, 1389 Blog – Counterjihad! , The Camp Of  The Saints, The Lonely Conservative, The Adventures of […]

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