Cardinal: We’ll shut down our hospitals!

Posted: February 28, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Catholicism

Yeah…fucking bullshit.  The Church caves every fucking time they make one of these threats, and am I seriously supposed to believe Cardinal George, the bishop who has made this threat, is going to follow through with it?  Bullshit…Bull. Fucking. Shit.  This is the same Cardinal who doesn’t have the stones to smack rogue priest Michael Pfleger in line, or remove him from Saint Sabina’s Parish, which should have been done years ago.  If he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Michael Pfleger why the FUCK should we ever believe that he’ll stand up to the federal government?  Honestly.

Everyone is getting all fired up about this statement from the Cardinal, and I for the life of me do not understand why.  The Church ALWAYS caves.  ALWAYS.  How many times do they threaten to withhold the Eucharist from politicians who are consistently pro-choice?  Every election cycle.  Without fail.  And yet, how many dioceses actually enforce it?  Not a damned one.  Some individual priests will do it, and kudos to them.  The previous Bishop of Scranton Diocese issued an appeal calling on Catholics to support pro-life candidates during the 2008 cycle, I know of at least one priest in town that refused to read the appeal, and made note of his refusal at mass.

And George Will had this dead on, and of course, I had it dead on, because I was saying the same thing before he ever said it.

And if it seems like I’m just bagging on the Church, I’m not, I grew up in the Church, I went to Catholic School for thirteen years, it’s not hatred that my reaction to the Church comes from, it’s extreme disappointment,

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