Well, We Tried

Posted: March 9, 2012 by veeshir in Exploding things, FAIL, Islam - a religion of tolerance and peace, Op/Sped

Contra Yoda, there is “try” and we tried but it appears we did not.

We’ve all seen the link to Karzai backing some strict, Islamic rules for his country.

President Hamid Karzai’s Tuesday remarks backing the Ulema Council’s document, which allows husbands to beat wives under certain circumstances and encourages segregation of the sexes,

You know, fuck you and your 7th century shithole of a country.

This is my personal favorite bit

Both the U.S. and Karzai hope that the Taliban can be brought into negotiations to end the country’s decade-long war.

The Taliban doesn’t “negotiate” in the sense Obama and co. appear to think they do. They want their version of Islam to rule, there is no “negotiation” with that position.

I was in favor of the invasion, we had to do it to show the world you  come and blow up our fucking stuff and you die.

I was also in favor of trying to build their country into something that’s not a shithole ripe for Islamic terrorists.

10+ years later, they’ve shown they like living in a shithole of a country and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it without killing a whole lot of people, which we don’t want to do, mostly because a lot of our people will die trying to help people who don’t want to be helped. They want to go back to the days of executions and stonings in their fucking soccer stadiums.

My new Afghanistan strategery is to drop a bunch of FAEs around the country to show them what happens when you piss us off and then get out of  Dodge, tell Blackwater (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) and other mercs to get out and tell the Afghans they really don’t want to fuck with us again cuz next time we’ll just send B-52s and bomb them back to the stone age (about 100 years regression in other words).

Karzai will be dead about 20 minutes after he loses his foreign bodyguards and the Taliban can move back in.

I would even be in favor of a nuke or two along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border as a message to both Afghanistan and Pakistan to not fuck with us. Sign deals with India saying that an attack on them is an attack on us and let those two shitholes be shitholes.

I could be in favor of splitting the country up and stay in the part that doesn’t have Pashtuns and try to help them stay free, like the areas that used to have the Northern Alliance. They like the Pashtun about as much as I do.

That way, we have a place to keep some A-10s, AC-130s, Apaches and a few Rangers, maybe base part of the 10th Mountain division there so they can keep in practice at killing Taliban in the mountains.

Fuck Karzai and fuck the Pashtun boy-fucking savages.

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  1. Lemur King says:

    There’s a reason so many countries are f*cked up. And that is because their culture is fundamentally f*cked up. Afghanistan like much of the middle east, a huge portion of Africa, and many other parts of the world continue to fail. Various countries and groups keep saying the US is where it is at because of colonialism/hegemony. No. No no no no.

    We are where we are at because while we have our failures, our culture is largely invested in the rule of law and respect for other humans. Yes, there are lots of examples in DC where that is not true, but look at any self-sufficient area of the country and you will find a population built up of people who observe rule of law. (the new me-first attitude that is becoming so popular here now could screw us royally, however)

    We even have sub-cultures here in the US that have as crappy of an intrinsic core and we we see the same fundamental failures as they engage in self-defeating behavior and predatory tactics.

    So, as nice as it sounds to help the poor countries or the cultures or subcultures, it is generally a waste of time. Or, the only way to do it would require *breaking* that country’s back first and then rebuilding it and you’re right, we don’t want to spend that many American lives to fix what those people should fix for themselves.

    Ever look at Haiti and their nearest neighbor? It’s a huge difference rooted in the mindset of a culture.

  2. Lemur King says:

    veeshir, did you notice 90 teenagers have been stoned to death in Baghdad in the last month because they had punker hairdos?

    And how many of our guys have died in Iraq for that worthless situation? Saddam was a cruel brutal despot, but it seems like that is what it takes to control the vermin in these cultures.


    • Dejah Thoris says:

      This fucking breaks my heart. We fight and die to destroy an autocrat and a fanatical theocracy fills the vacuum. I have no idea how to fight this type of evil. Do we send transport to the borders and offer amnesty to anyone who wants democracy, then bomb the shit out of the entire area? Of course that will just mobilize the moderate into a justifiable rage for the genocide of an entire population. Regardless of the fanatical hatred for the US, according to our constitutional ideals, everyone has a right to think, feel, and say whatever they want. So we violate our own ideology if we obliterate a culture that is (at the moment) only passively attacking us.

      Then, of course, there is this little gem
      which is just disgusting. We should have fucking tried them and hung them years ago.

      Can we just go and blow up their oil refineries and pipelines? They want to return to the days of Muhammad, then we should just give it to them. I don’t even care that it will turn everything into chaos.

  3. jp says:

    For over a thousand years, people understood that the problem with Islam, was Islam itself.

    Now, and only for a handful of decades, the world has lost this bit of knowledge. There has been a certain amount of reawakening since 9/11, but no amount of Muslims acting out their religion, seems to be sufficient to convince the world that Islam itself is the problem. Especially when half of the population of Western countries is liberals who think that they can use Islam to their own advantage.

  4. MikeD says:

    Self determination is a bitch isn’t it? Look, WHY are we surprised that these guys like living in the 8th Century? Did we honestly think we’d show them the way, the truth, and the light, and they’d magically become a Western style democracy out of gratitude? I’m not saying “dem A-rabs ain’t sofisticated nuff ta handle democracy”. But I am saying that it should be no surprise that if we let them choose their own form of government that they probably are gonna choose something we wouldn’t like.

    For the future, either we take a “rubble don’t make trouble” approach, we completely do what the Left accuses us of (conquering them brown skinned people to colonize and rule them), or just accept that if we go in they’re not going to do what we want so get the hell out as quickly and cleanly as possible.

    • veeshir says:

      Afghans aren’t arabs, and I figured that since they had just lived through the Taliban (those who did live through it) they might actually try to like something approaching freedom.

      I was wrong.

      • MikeD says:

        Sorry, thought the “A-rabs” made it pretty clear I was playing a stereotype there. I know they’re not Arabs, but their race is fundamentally unimportant. It’s the CULTURE that’s the problem. The city folk in the AF thought the Taliban was too harsh, the Pashtun folks pretty much thought they were just a bit outside mainstream.

      • jp says:

        The Ridda Wars showed long ago what happens when Muslims try freedom. More recently, the students demonstrating in Iran and getting slaughtered, is a good example.

    • Windy says:

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  5. veeshir says:

    I’m against helping in Syria now too. They’ll just go from the more or less fascist/Bathist/secular thugocracy to a Mullarchy, voluntarily.

    Iran might be a good place, but it might not.

    Like Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq, most of the people in Iran who would be against a Mullarchy and have the balls to stand up to it have already left so the ones left are less likely to want to stand up to it or have the balls to do so if they want to.

    Like much of what Ann Coulter says, her comment about converting them is possibly true if intemperately stated.

    Islam is a political system more than a religion (as today’s western leftists believe in a religion more than a political system) and it’s not pretty when it’s in the majority. Wherever Islam is a majority (or even close) it’s not pretty.
    Eh, one good thing is that when civilization falls they’ll fall farther as their veneer of civilization is bought from the west, so they’ll just be a bunch of scorpions in a bottle killing each other.

  6. […] My new Afghan strategy is looking better and better. My new Afghanistan strategery is to drop a bunch of FAEs around the […]

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